Sunday, 3 March 2019

Basler Fruit & Flavour Hair Care Review and Giveaway

I've just finished my Basler Fruits & Flavour Mango shampoo and conditioner* so I guess it's high time to talk about the products.

The products are natural and vegan and they don't contain silicones, parabens or paraffin. As the name suggests, they're mango-scented and that's what your hair will smell like during the day after using the products. I love it! 

I always used the shampoo and conditioner but varied the time I left the conditioner in my hair before rinsing it. My hair is usually a pain to brush through after washing it and it was significantly easier than normal when I used the mango products, especially when I left the conditioner in my hair for over 3 minutes. It's actually recommended to leave in the conditioner for 3-5 minutes but it does a good job even after a minute. However, the hair does look and feel extra silky if you give it 3-5 minutes. 

As I mentioned, the products are empty now and they kept my hair in a very good condition even though I dye it on a regular basis. There's no miraculous effect to make my fine hair look voluminous or thicker but I genuinely think this is a great basic product combination for fine hair. It provides enough moisture, helps to detangle my hair and smells amazing. That's good enough for me. 

Are you intrigued by Basler hair care? I hope so, because I have a giveaway for all of you lovely people living in Switzerland. Head over to my Instagram (@swissbeautytalk) to win the set of the Basler Fruits & Flavour Lemon shampoo, conditioner and hair mask in the photo below. The shampoos are created for all hair types, the lemon conditioner and the hair mask are suitable for fine hair which tends to get greasy. 

All in all, I'm positively surprised by Basler Fruit & Flavour hair care. Don't be fooled by the simple packaging, the products are worth a try. They cost around CHF 7 which is definitely not too expensive. 

Have a great day!

xx Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel - Testing an At Home Salon Treatment

A while ago, I was invited to the Dermalogica store with a friend of mine. We had the chance to test the new Rapid Reveal Peel which is a professional peel to use at home. 

There's two important informations about this product I want you to know before I get into the details: Firstly, if you have young skin, this products isn't for you (it was tested on women between 35 and 65, I'd say that's the target group of this product). The concentration is very high and I instantly felt a slightly burning sensation on my skin when I used it, so I gave it to a friend to put to the test. It's her opinion on the product you will read in this review. Secondly, this product contains acids which make it absolutely necessary to apply sun protection to your face and décolleté after you've used the peel. 

So what is Rapid Reveal Peel? It's a chemical peeling with alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acid and it aims to clean the pores of acne prone skin and make your skin look even and radiant. Additionally, it smoothes fine lines. Unlike normal peelings you can use at home, this one is highly concentrated and has a lower pH. It comes in individual packages to make sure the dosage is correct. 

How do you use it? There's two ways. If you want, you can do a "quick-start" and use a tube every day for three days and after this phase use one tube per week. The other option is to apply one tube every week for ten weeks. 

Remove the cap and apply the product to your face and décolleté in circular motions using your fingertips. Avoid the eye area. After 3-7 minutes it's time to remove it gently with cold water. It's totally normal to feel a warming sensation on the skin or a tingling feeling.

Let's see what my friend thought of the Rapid Reveal Peel:
The scent is intriguing, nice and makes you want to try the product. The consistency is quite runny, so you need to be quick or maybe lie down to apply it. Each tube contains 3ml of the Rapid Reveal Peel and this dosage is exactly what you'll need, even if you're applying it to your face and décolleté. 

It tingles slightly on the skin for a few seconds and if you're skin is a little raw, it might burn a bit at the beginning. After using the Rapid Reveal Peel, the complexion looks fresh, radiant and the pores are less visible. 

Even though my friend was pleased with the effect of the product, her skin turned back to its normal state when she stopped using the peeling. She thinks an explanation for this would be that her skin is used to daily chemical peelings with fruit acids, so the effect might not be as big as in other cases. Nevertheless, she would still recommend it if you want to make your skin look extra fresh. 

If you're into your salon peelings but want to try one at home, the Rapid Reveal Peel might be a good choice for you. One pack contains ten 3ml tubes and costs around CHF 113, definitely less expensive than a salon treatment and the quality sounds convincing. 

Two days ago I was contacted by the Dermalogica team again and they told me they'll send me a surprise box soon. I love surprises and I'm really excited for the box to arrive! So stay tuned for more Dermalogica news on the blog :) 

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*press sample, all opinions are honest

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Yon-Ka Hydra N°1 Serum and Face Cream Review

About half a year ago, I received the Yon Ka Hydra N°1 cream and serum to put to the test. They're  hydrating products for dry or sensitive skin with hyaluronic acid. 95% of the ingredients are natural and the products are paraben free. 

When I started using the products, I got some breakouts on my cheeks so I stopped using them and only picked them up when my skin was back to normal. On a second try, my skin was totally fine with the products. This sometimes happens when I change from a light product to something a little heavier or something with more active ingredients. 

I was happy with the quality of the products but I I tested them in summer when my skin wasn't really dry, that's why I put them back into my drawer and took them out again when it got colder and my skin needed the extra bit of moisture.

The combination of the serum and moisturizer is great for winter to make sure your skin stays well hydrated. Both products smell relaxingly herbal. The texture of the moisturizer is thick but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. However, it doesn't sink in immediately, so you might want to wait a little while before applying your make up in the morning. I only use the serum at night time, twice a day would be too much for me, even in winter. The serum feels very light on the skin but it is extremely hydrating, which is great if your skin is severely dry.  

I finished both products today. As I mentioned, they're suitable if your skin is very dry. Even though my skin is dry, I think the benefits of these two products were too much for it. My skin was more prone to breakouts while I used the products and it didn't feel "soothed", although the products contain lovely oils such as chamomile, rose, jasmine and lavender. 

All in all, I'm happy with the quality of the products, the packaging is great and easy to use, they smell nice and the textures are good. However, I guess my skin doesn't need as much hydration or maybe it's just slightly too young for these products. 

Have you tried the Hydra N°1 products? I'd love to hear about your experience. 

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

Sunday, 13 January 2019

In the Bathtub with Louis Widmer's Remederm Bath Oil

I love my bathtub. Especially in winter, it's where I go when I seek relaxation and warmth. During the colder months, I always have dry skin so I shouldn't take a bath too often and keep the time in the bathtub short to make sure my skin doesn't get much dryer. Lately, my go-to bath product has been Louis Widmer's Remederm Bath Oil*, which was kindly sent to me by the Louis Widmer team. 

The Remederm Bath Oil is created for people with dry or sensitive skin. It combines different plant oils. I've learnt from the press kit that oils such as sunflower oil or borage oil contain high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids which sink into the skin quickly whereas for example jojoba oil and almond oil contain a higher amount of saturated fatty acids and create a protective film on the skin. Therefore, a combination of both oil types is great to nurture the skin.

The bath oil contains both types of oils, namely borage oil, peanut oil, soy oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. It smells soft, creamy and relaxing. You only need a bit of the oil for your bath and the water turns slightly milky. 

After my bath I gently pat my skin dry. The Remederm Bath Oil leaves a thin film on my skin and it feels as if I've already applied a body lotion, so I can skip this step. My skin is soft and hydrated. It doesn't last for days though, I do need to use body lotion on a regular basis in order to take good care of my skin but I don't leave the bathtub with dryer skin than before I entered it when I'm using this bath oil. 

If you're wondering about the oily residue in the bathtub, it's not bad at all. A little warm water is enough to remove it. 

I'm very happy with the Remederm Bath Oil. It makes my skin feel soft, creates a relaxing experience and I can skip applying my body lotion for once. A 250ml bottle costs CHF 25.90, which isn't cheap but in my opinion a reasonable price for a good quality bath oil. 

Do you prefer a foam bath or a bath with oils? 

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*PR sample, all opinions are honest and my own. 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Last Minute Christmas Gifts and a Giveaway Announcement

It's only one week till Christmas and I can't believe it! Even though I had more free time this December than I had all the years when I was still at university, I don't feel prepared yet to celebrate Christmas. I haven't organized all my presents yet! If you have, lucky you, for the rest of us, I wrote down some ideas* for girlfriends, mums, the men in your life and maybe yourself?

Beauty Gifts
It's no secret that pretty much every brand launches a Christmas collection, most of them gorgeously designed to match the festive season. If your budget isn't tight, the options are endless. Some of my favourites are perfumes by Lalique, because of their amazing designs, packagings and unique scents, Laura Mercier's luxurious bath sets and the Rituals collections. And to be honest, I purchased the huge red Estée Lauder beauty case for myself. As far as I know, they launch one every year and it's amazing value for money (CHF 119 for about CHF 800 worth of products). It contains the Advanced Night Repair Serum, lipsticks, three palettes and more but it's always sold out so quickly, I got my hands on the last one at my nearest Estée Lauder counter in the first week of December. 

But let's focus on the more budget friendly gifts. There are two brands I want to mention because they're some of my most trusted brands and they do lovely gift sets for a reasonable price. Firstly, Louis Widmer. The Swiss skin care brand has a great selection of gentle skin care suitable for every skin type. They have a shower cream which is an absolute dream to use. This years Christmas gift set combines the shower cream with a lovely scented candle, for only around CHF 15! I think this is an amazing gift for a mum or another lovely lady in your life. 

The second budget friendly beauty gift are the beauty sets from Caudalie. They cost between CHF 15 and CHF 50. One of them is this beautiful trio of hand creams including, thé de vigne, Caudalie's classic hand cream and rose de vigne. I'm giving away this set in a couple of days on my Instagram. So follow @swissbeautytalk on Instagram and stay tuned for the giveaway! 

Tech Gifts for Everyone
Yes, electronics aren't the most romantic sort of gifts but who doesn't like portable music? Especially when I go jogging, I want something practical but I'm still looking for good sound quality. I've had my Jaybird Freedom ear phones for about two years now and I'm still obsessed with them. They're wireless, they stay where they're supposed to, you can adjust the sound via an app and the sound quality is amazing. They're around CHF 100 which is definitely ok for what they are. 

Another great little gift are the UE Boom boxes. As far as my experience goes, the bigger the boom box, the better the sound. I'm very excited that I might be able to put the Megaboom 3 to the test soon, hooray! Anyhow, I love my pink Wonderboom because of its size. It is so small, I can easily take it on holiday with me, transport it around the house and so on. Lucky for you, I've got a new black one to give away to one of you over on my Instagram. Head to @swissbeautytalk to enter the giveaway. If you weren't the lucky winner and still want one for yourself or as a Christmas present, you can get them for around CHF 70. 

Sustainable Gifts
Sustainability is something we should all pay attention to. So I wanted to include some gifts with a more sustainable background. I think most of you know about reusable coffee cups such as mine from ecoffee but I've got one or two other ideas for you. 

First of all, Dr. Bronner launches some limited edition products every Christmas. The products are produced fairly and you support a good cause by purchasing them. This year, there's the classic Pure-Castille Soap in the scent Sandalwood Jasmine and their Cinnamon toothpaste. The Sandalwood collection has been a staple every year since 2012. The profits of the sales (CHF 13.90) go to a project in Laos where Dr. Bronner support the translation of school material into the different languages in Laos. This allows more children to get an education. The cinnamon toothpaste is vegan, free from fluorine and the packaging is made from 100% recycled material. 

My favourite this year is Bees wrap paper. Some of my relatives will receive this as a gift, I intend to wrap some of my presents in it. You can use it just like you would use plastic wrap but as it is bees wax, you wash it with a gentle soap after using it, leave it to dry and use it again and again. It lasts for about a year, smells lovely and is absolutely easy to use. I've bought a set of them for CHF 24 about four months ago now and they're still great. 

And last but not least: I always give my relatives something home made, for example pesto or jam. It's easy to make, tastes yummy and the glasses are reusable.

I hope I was able to inspire you with this blog post and you know now what to get your friends and family for Christmas this year. Don't forget to visit my Instagram to enter the two giveaways.

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*I got some of the mentioned products for free as press samples. As always, all opinions are honest an my own.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Splashing a Mask into my Face and other Experiences with Organic Korean Cosmetics

A while ago, I was contacted by the team of the Niasha online shop who offered me to choose some organic Korean cosmetics from their website, hooray! I chose a cleansing balm because I love cleansing balms and a splash mask*. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. It's a mask to splash into your face. Sounds fun, huh? That's what I thought, so I tested it as well. 

The E Nature Moringa Cleansing Balm contains birch water and moringa seed extract to cleanse and moisturize your skin at the same time. It has a light herbal scent. At room temperature, the balm is nearly solid in the pot. I just take out a bit of it and massage all over my face using my fingertips. By doing so, the balm melts into an oil and dissolves the makeup. Then rinse with lukewarm water. The whole process of removing makeup with an oil feels quite calming to me. It removes most of the makeup in one go, just waterproof mascara and eyeliner are tough to remove with the Moringa cleansing balm. I usually use a micellar water to get rid of the rest of my eye makeup before or after cleansing with the balm. I like that the balm doesn't make my skin feel dry but adds a little moisture. Obviously not enough to skip moisturizer in the evening but it's still nice. The product costs CHF 21 which is definitely a good price for a cleansing balm. 

E Nature is a natural, vegan and cruelty-free Korean skin care brand. Most of their products are based on birch juice and contain some Vitamins and nutrients of seeds. They use eco-friendly packaging and soy ink to print on it, which I think is pretty cool. The Moringa cleansing balm is the first product I've ever tried from them but I'd love to get to know more products from their range. 

Now to the fun product, Blithe's Patting Water Pack Soothing & Healing Green Tea splash mask. Blithe has three different splash masks. One for energy, a rejuvenating one and the Soothing&Healing Green Tea splash mask I've tested. The concept is strange but pretty easy. I'd recommend to use it in the shower. You could use a bowl of water mixed with a capful of the splash mask as well but it takes less effort if you use it in the shower. Fill the cap with the liquid, pour it into your hands and add some water. Then you just pat the mixture onto your face and keep patting for about 20 to 30 seconds. Wash your face, pat your face dry after the shower and you're done. 

You can easily smell that the splash mask contains tea tree oil but there's also green tea extract, orange and lemon extracts as well as salicylic acid. After using the mask, my skin felt slightly dry but very clean. I noticed that the mask calmed redness and irritated skin, which was especially visible in the areas where I sometimes get spots. Tea tree oil is great to get rid of spots. I've read some reviews on this splash mask online and people with acne seemed to make good experiences with the Soothing&Healing Green tea splash mask too. If that's an issue for you, the product might be worth a try. I'm happy with it. It's easy to use and I can see instantly that it calmed my skin. For CHF 49 it isn't cheap but it comes in a 200ml bottle, so it'll last a while. 

Blithe is another Korean skin care brand but with a focus on women with an urban lifestyle where pollution and stress are the main issues. They use a high percentage of all natural ingredients, mostly plant extracts. Again, the splash mask was a great product and I'd love to try more Blithe products. 

So far, I've had great experiences with organic Korean cosmetics. They're not easy to get your hands on in stores but there are several online shops in Switzerland like Niasha who are specialized on Korean beauty. 

Which is your favourite Korean beauty brand? Is there something I absolutely need to try?

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Hush + Dotti - Testing Conscious Beauty Products

Hush + Dotti is an american beauty brand with natural and organic ingredients. Their make up and skin care is vegan and cruelty free and doesn't contain nasties like parabens. This is part of their philosophy, they don't want to use any sort of toxins in their beauty products to make sure they're absolutely safe for you and the environment. Furthermore, all of their packaging is recyclable. I have never heard of the brand before but I'm always interested in getting to know natural brands who pay attention to sustainability, so I happily agreed when Fabienne from the swiss online shop Love Organic asked me, if I'd be interested in testing some Hush+Dotti products*. 

In my Hush+Dotti test package I received three single eye shadows, a cream highlighter, a lipstick, a gloss and an eye balm. 

The eyeshadows are called shay, which is a very light beige, faye, a dark grey with a silvery shimmer and roxxy, a powdery pink. They're rice powder based and contain lovely ingredients such as thyme, olive leave extract, lavender and grape seed oil. The pigmentation is good and the eye shadows have a nice satiny finish. All of the shades are easy to wear and they distribute evenly. However, they don't last on my eyelids very long. I use an eyeshadow primer and the product still settles in the eyelid crease after a few hours. All in all the quality is ok, I love the ingredients but for CHF 24 for a single eye shadow, I would have expected it to last longer on my eyelids. 

Eclipse is a cream highlighter in a champagne colour with a hint of rose gold. It's shimmery and contains a tiny bit of glitter. It's based on coconut oil combined with laurel wax, cocoa butter, olive oil and jojoba, which makes the highlighter smell nice. I use this in the inner corner of my eyes and it stays there during the day. The creamy consistency makes it easy to apply and melt onto your skin. I'm really fussy when it comes to wearing highlighter on my cheekbones, I hardly ever tried one which I thought looks natural but still adds the wanted glow to my cheeks. It's no different with this one. It's very pretty but I just don't like it when one can tell I'm wearing highlighter. If you're a highlighter kind of girl, I'm sure you will like this one. It's available for CHF 32 and I like the cute little pot it comes in. 

The eye balm smells amazing! It contains shea butter, candlelilla wax, olive, black cumin seed oil, argan oil and a lot of other lovely oils for your skin. It's soothing for your skin and the cucumber extract helps to depuff your under eye area. The product description says, you can use it before applying your concealer for some extra moisture. This doesn't work for me. Even though I love the relaxing scent and moisturizing effect, it's just too oily to apply in the morning. I use it over night and I still have to remove the residue in the morning. When I apply it onto my dry hands though, it sinks in really quickly. The packaging is quite cool, you can twist it just like a lip balm which makes it easy to apply. This relaxing eye balm costs CHF 36. 

Now on to the lip products. I've tested the lipstick in the shade deenie, a light pink with a hint of shimmer. The shade is gorgeous and I guess it would suit a lot of people. The texture is creamy and feels moisturizing on the lips but the joy of this lipstick was really short for me. After about an hour, it just wasn't there anymore. I guess that's due to the amount of oils in the lipstick. If you don't mind reapplying your lipstick from time to time, you might still like it because of its moisturizing benefits. What I noticed first about this lipstick is the packaging which feels quite cheap, especially when you twist it. For CHF 24 I would expect a sturdier packaging. 

The lip gloss in the shade heidi is a browny nude with shimmer particles. Among other it contains shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil. It's not sticky and quite pigmented and feels moisturizing on the lips. For CHF 23, I think this is the better choice than the lipstick. 

I would love to only write positive things about beauty brands who are conscious of our environment, choose ingredients with love and put a lot of thought into their products. But still, as a consumer, I want them to be effortless to use and I need them to last during the day because I simply don't have the time to run to the bathroom and reapply my makeup during the day. Hush+Dotti has products with lovely ingredients but they just don't match my expectations. I wouldn't be that picky if the prices were lower but for that price point, I do expect a little more, even though I'd like to support their philosophy. 

Have you tried Hush+Dotti? What are your thoughts on the brand?

Have a great day!
xx Cheryl

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own.