Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bourjois - 123 Perfect CC Cream

About the product: The 123 Perfect CC Cream is, as the name says, a colour correcting cream. It contains three colour pigments: apricot for an anti-fatigue effect, green against redness and white to cover dark spots. As a plus, it has an SPF of 15. It's available in four shades, 31 Ivory, 32 light beige, 33 rose beige and 34 hale (not available in every country). The tube contains 30ml.

What it says: It says, that this product is a mixture between a foundation and a moisturizer. It's made to give you a luminous complexion and smooth skin. The three colour pigments even out the skin tone and the cream prevents you with 24h hydration. The formula is oil-free and lightweight. 

What it does: As described on the tube, the cream does feel lightweight and the texture is runny. But when I apply it, it still feels like wearing foundation so it's not like a BB-Cream or a tinted moisturizer. It gives you a natural look but not in the way that one couldn't tell that you're wearing make-up. I would describe the coverage as light-medium but you could build it up a little if you like. Most of the time I use this CC cream after doing sports because it's easy and quick to apply with my fingers and blends in nicely. If you want more coverage, I would recommend to apply it with a foundation brush. I think it does a good job at evening out my skin tone and the finish is at least kind of luminous but the thing about the 24h hydration must be a joke… It feels dryer on my skin than any foundation I own. So definitely prepare your skin with some moisturiser before applying this product. 

The lasting power is not amazing but it works for me. If you have oily skin, it might fade away after a few hours. On me it lasts for about 6 hours. 
Be careful with the shades: I tried 32 first which was perfect when I applied it, but it oxidised and looked darker after a while so I bought 31 Ivory, which is a little too light for me. 

Conclusion: The 123 perfect CC cream is an easy product to use if you don't have enough time to apply a "normal" foundation or if you don't want to wear too much make-up. It's less expensive than the Bourjois foundations. I'm a huge fan of the Bourjois healthy mix range and I think especially the healthy mix serum foundation is as easy to use as this CC cream but the finish is nicer and it gives more coverage and still looks natural. So I wouldn't repurchase this CC cream due to the fact that there are better options. It's ok to use but in my opinion too similar to foundations to really call it a CC cream. 

Price: £9.99 / $18.80 / CHF 17 (prices may vary)

One further comment: I've been extremely busy this week (which is why I haven't written about anything yet), hurrying from one place to the next and I've hardly ever been home. As a constant companion I carried my Bourjois 123 perfect CC Cream with me, which saved my environment from getting scared by looking at my stressed face. Well, the reason I only started to love it during the last couple of days is, that I changed my moisturizer from the heavy formula for winter time to a lighter one. I still use the Hydreane by La Roche-Posay, but I use the légère version now, because it's not that cold anymore in Switzerland. Now the CC cream gives my skin a healthy glow, corrects little imperfections and it stays on the whole day. I guess this product will be perfect for summer, so I'm looking forward to it to come.


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