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Clinique - Take the day off cleansing balm & Bioderma - Sensibio H2O

Make-Up Removal- My Beauty Essentials Part 2

In my opinion, make-up removal is key to a healthy looking skin and blemish-control. About half a year ago, I changed my whole skincare routine because I've had some issues with spots. Now my skin looks a lot nicer and I only get the occasional blemish here and there…

Clinique - Take the day off cleansing balm

About the Product: This product is a balm to remove face and eye make-up. It comes in a lovely designed pot containing 125 ml. The lid is silver and reflects like a mirror, which I think is really nice. The product itself looks and feels like a wax when you touch it in the pot, but as soon as you apply it, it transforms into a fluid. It's fragrance free and suitable for every skin type.

What it says: The Clinique take the day off cleansing balm is a lightweight balm to quickly remove tenacious face and eye make-ups. Upon application, it transforms from a solid balm into a silky, fluid oil, which is neither greasy nor drying.

What it does: As it says in the description the product is fragrance free, or at least it does hardly have any scent. The texture in the pot is quite hard, but when applying it, it transforms immediately into a balmy fluid. It's designed to apply directly onto dry skin, which seems a bit strange in the first place, yet it does feel silky and smooth. Now you massage it over the skin and even on your eyes (it's ophthalmological tested, so, no worries). I usually do this for 1-2 minutes, then I rinse it off. You could do that with a cloth but I like to use my hands. After that, the make-up on my face is completely gone and my skin feels totally clean. It doesn't leave an oily finish and it's not dehydrating, which I really appreciate. I would recommend this cleansing balm to everyone, I wear contact lenses and I never had any problems after using this product. It's the most gentle make-up remover I've ever tried:  no rubbing and scrubbing but soft cleansing. It works wonders to remove a normal day make-up, but if you're wearing very heavy make-up, you might want to use it twice. 

Bioderma - Sensibio H2O

Yes, this is the product every blogger's tried and nearly everyone loves. I use it as well, but I don't understand the hype around it. If you want to know why, please keep reading…

About the product: The Bioderma Sensibio is a micelle solution for sensitive skin. It's a fragrance free product, made to remove eye and face make-up. The texture is very liquid, just like water. There's not a lot to say about the packaging: A clear bottle with a pink lid, which makes it hard to dose because of the liquid consistency. You can get it in different sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 500ml. The 500ml is quite handy due to the fact that the product is not that easy to get if you're not living in Europe.

What it says: There's a lot of text on the bottle, so I'll give you a quick summary. The Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a gentle cleanser and make-up remover to maintain the balance of your skin and to prevent irritation and impurities.

What it does: Most of the bloggers write, that they use it to remove all their make-up and that it does the job perfectly. I really like this product as well, BUT I would never use it to remove all my make-up before I go to bed.
To cleanse your skin you soak a cotton pad or a cloth, whatever you prefer, with the solution and wipe the make-up off. If you're wearing heavy eyeliner or waterproof products, I would recommend to push the cotton pads gently on your eyes and hold them in place for 30seconds or more. But even after doing that, I never manage to get it all off by only using the Bioderma. So that's what I use it for: When I'm wearing a lot of make-up, I don't like to use the Clinique cleansing balm directly because it would look a bit messy on the face and I'd have to use the cleansing balm at least twice. So I remove the worst bit with the Bioderma and cleanse my skin with the Clinique balm after.
I would also use it in the morning to quickly cleanse my face or when I had my make-up on for the whole day and needed some touch-ups or refreshing, just to remove the bits that aren't in the right place anymore or to change my eyeshadow for example. I like the delicate scent of it and it doesn't irritate my skin, but still it's more of a quick cleanser for me, I wouldn't use as the main product to remove my make-up. I don't know whether this is a problem only I have or if there are others feeling the same way, so please let me know your opinion if you've tried this product.

How do you feel about the Bioderma Sensibio H2O? Does it do the job for you?

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  1. Yeah I definitely wouldn't use just the Bioderma cleanser to remove all my make-up. I think dirt would still be left behind. I would also use it as a pre-cleanse or as a final step in my cleansing routine.

    1. Thanks for your comment, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one using the Bioderma this way.

  2. I see we TOTALLY agree on the Bioderma! Cheers! :-DD I still wonder how so many claim it takes off ALL their makeup, it's beyond me! :-))


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