Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Colorburst Crayon Matte Balm - Revlon

About a month ago I purchased the Manor Stylebox for the first time. For those of you who don't know what it is: It's like the Glambox, Pinkbox and other beauty boxes, containing some of the newer products on the market. Unlike the beauty boxes I've known so far, the five products in the Manor Stylebox are mostly full size, so I think it's great value for money. You can order it every month on Manors website for CHF20. 
One of the products in it was the Revlon Colorburst crayon matte balm in "audacious". This chubby crayon comes in 10 shades and it's retractable, so you won't need a sharpener. Despite having a matte and kind of velvety finish, it's still moisturizing due to a mango, shea and coconut butter complex in the balm. 

As most chubby crayons the Revlon matte balm is very easy to apply. It has a surprisingly opaque finish and feels smooth and hydrating on the lips, but unfortunately doesn't last long. As soon as I eat or drink, most of the colour comes off. But I love the colour, it's fun, bright and still wearable.

Perfect for spring and summer! And the smell of it is sort of minty, quite unusual but nice.
However, it does accentuate flaky lips. My lips were extremely dry last week, so I had to do a scrub before taking the photo.
Well then, as soon as my lips are in tiptop condition again, I'll definitely check out some more colours. 

Price: $ 6.49/£ 7.99/CHF 17.90 (prices may vary)

What do you think about the Revlon Colorburst matte balms? Have you tried them?



  1. I've just purchased one of these and am pretty impressed so far, I love the minty tingle! x

  2. I am seriously digging this color! The only issue for me might be the minty smell, I really dislike that in lip products...

    1. I wouldn't worry about the scent, it's very decent, you won't smell it after you've applied it :-)


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