Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hypnôse Star - Lancôme

A couple of days ago, I treated myself to Lancômes Hypnôse Star mascara. I love the packaging, I know, this says nothing about the quality of the product. But look at it! Isn't it just amazing?

But let's talk about the actual product now…

You can get this mascara in a waterproof version, but I have the non-waterproof, because I don't have oily skin and mascara usually doesn't smudge on me. 

It's also available in two colors: dark brown and noir midnight. Luckily, my lashes are naturally deep black so it would be kind of strange to get the brown mascara. 

The wand is extraordinary: it has two flat sides and two round sides with bristles. And this is how you should use it: Take the flat side first and start at the bottom of your lashes and move through them from the bottom to the top. Use the other flat side and do the same again to intensify the look and get some more volume. This also makes your lashes look thicker. Then you should apply a coat of mascara using the round side with the bristles in a zic-zag motion to fix the curl, lengthen your lashes and separate them properly. You may want to add another coat with the flat side for some more definition. It says that the mascara has a diamond effect, but I haven't noticed any special colour effect so far… 
Without mascara
In the morning I usually don't feel like putting a lot of effort in applying my mascara and I like a more natural finish, so I just use the round side with long bristles and apply one coat. This is what I did on the picture as well. When I add a second coat, it already seems like I'm wearing fake lashes, which I love when I'm going out, but I think it's too much to wear on an everyday basis. 
after applying one coat
But still: It's very buildable and stays absolutely clump-free. While it stays on the whole day without smudging, it comes off easily as soon as you want it to. 
I would definitely recommend this mascara, but sadly it is pricy. It retails for around $ 29/£ 22.50/CHF 40, so I'll try to find a cheaper version of it.  

Have you tried the Hypnôse star as well? Or have you even found a drugstore dupe for it?

Please let me know in the comments.


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