Saturday, 29 March 2014

L'oréal - Lumi Magique Highlighting Pen

It feels like I walked past this product about a hundred times until I first tried it in a store. Then it only took me around five tries more till I finally decided to get it. 
It's a highlighting concealer pen to brighten the under eye area, cover imperfections and to highlight the cheekbone or whatever you want to highlight. It contains light reflecting pigments which is why it highlights your skin.
It comes in two shades, light and medium. I've got the light shade which works perfect with my skin tone. 
I only use it to conceal dark circles and as a highlighter, because I don't really want to highlight my imperfections... 

I'm usually not a huge fan of concealer pens since I don't get along well with the "twisting system" to squeeze the product out of the brush. But this pen works surprisingly well! I twist it once so there's one clicking sound and apply that amount under my eyes. It's very easy to blend by using fingertips and it's quite sheer, but the finish is amazing! It's very brightening and catches the light nicely. 
Some people say the lumi magique is exactly like the YSL touche éclat, but I can't really confirm this due to the fact that I've never tried the YSL. I would like to, but I just think it's too expensive for a concealing product. There are lots of nice highlighter and concealers available in drugstores, so I don't feel like spending that amount of money on one product. 
So if you're on the hunt for a nice two in one product, I would definitely recommend this. I'm really happy that I finally purchased it and I'll get the next one as soon as this one has run out. 

Have you tried any highlighting concealers? What do you think about it?


Prices: $12.99/£ 8.49/CHF 15.20 (Prices may vary)


  1. I am so glad you reviewed this product because I have been wanting it for the longest time. I just love the packaging.

  2. I have the YSL but haven't used it yet might try this oen first

    1. Please let me know your opinion if you compare the two products :-)


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