Saturday, 15 March 2014

Newspaper-Nails Tutorial

This is what you need to recreate the design:

- a base coat

- a colour you like 

- a top coat

- some old newspaper no one wants to read 

- an old or cheap perfume you don't like or something else containing alcohol

Step 1: Apply your base coat, I used the KIKO smooth base, and wait for it to dry. Then apply one or two layers of the colour you've chosen. My pick was the KIKO nail lacquer in shade Nr. 217. Watch some youtube videos, do a little dance or whatever you like to do till the coats are completely dry. 

Step 2: Tear your selected page of the newspaper into little snippets and damp them with the perfume. 

Step 3: Press a snippet of newspaper onto your nail for a few seconds, then gently take it off. Repeat this step for each one of your nails. Sometimes the printer's ink of the paper will smudge a little, but this can look quite cool…

Step 4: Apply a top coat to prevent chipped nail polish and to add shine. 

Step 5: Patiently wait for it to dry… no, you don't want to touch anything right now. If you're like me, this is what happens now: "I just want to write a text message…oops"and I've got fingerprints and other marks on my nails…nice! 
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Please send me a picture if you recreated the design!



  1. I like this effect a lot! Thanks for the tutorial, sounds easy enough.


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