Tuesday, 8 April 2014

KIKO - 3 in 1 Mat

I'm currently in love with mat nail polishes. Luckily, I bought the KIKO 3 in 1 mat which is a mattifying top coat. This means that you can turn any nail polish you like into a mat one. And, seriously, how genius is that? It doubles the amount of nail polishes I own simply by adding a layer of this stuff! 
It says that it's also fortifying, I wouldn't agree on that but it dries extremely fast which is always a plus regarding my impatience…
The only downside to it is, that it doesn't protect the base colour and the mattifying effect stays no longer than about 3 days. But still, KIKO-products are usually quite inexpensive and this one does the job.
Essie - Cute as a button

Have you tried any mat nail polishes or top coats? 

Prices: £ 5.90/ CHF 7.90 (Prices may vary)


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