Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nail Tutorial: Pink French Manicure

What you need to recreate this design:

- one clear base coat (KIKO smooth base)

- two opaque colours you like (Essie - funny face/     essence - pink fantasy)

- one glittery tip painter (essence - metallic champagne)

- one top coat (Essie - no chips ahead)

- a little patience
Step 2

Step 1: Prep your nails with a base coat and wait for it to dry

Step 2: On your left hand apply the darker colour from the left corner to a little further than the middle part of the tip of your nail and let it dry completely (on your right hand you apply it the other way round)

Step 3: Take the lighter colour and apply it from the right to the left on your left hand and the vice versa on your right hand. Let the coats dry properly. 
Step 3

Step 4: Use your tip painter and follow the lines you created by using the two colours. I always start with the shorter line, because it's easier to even out the edge with the longer line. Try to paint this line quickly, especially if you have problems with keeping your hands very calm. This will prevent the line from looking sloppy. 

Step 5: After letting the nail polish dry completely, you apply a top coat to add shine and seal the different layers. 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, I'd love to see pictures if you recreated it.


I'm sorry for the bad quality of some of the photos, I took them while my nail polish was drying...

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