Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Covergirl Flamed Out Collection Review + Eye-Makeup

Today I'd like to show you the Covergirl Flamed Out Collection*. Am I late with this one? Probably yes… but I rather review it now than never.
The collection includes a mascara (water resistant version available), 12 eyeshadow pots and ten shadow pencils. I've got the shadow pots in 315 sapphire flare and 305 fired-up pink. The colours of the pencils are 350 melted caramel flame, 320 hot-pink flame and 345 ice flame. 

In the pot fired-up pink does its name justice, so I thought the colour would be out of my comfort zone due to the fact that I'm more of a nude eye-makeup lover. Unexpectedly, and as you can see on the photo, it's not highly pigmented and turns out quite soft but very glittery. The pigmentation of sapphire flare is a little better. 

In contrast, the pencils are all highly pigmented and very soft. They do dry quite fast so I would recommend to blend them immediately if you're intending to. If you want to use them as an eyeliner you should know that they're not the thinnest so it can be hard to draw a fine line, but it works. 
To make the eyeshadows appear more intense, I used the shadow pencils as a base. I applied melted caramel flame to the outer corner of my eyes and into the crease and blended it. I used it as a liner on my lower lash line too. Then I applied the eyeshadow fired-up pink all over my lid. The glitter does fall off, so it might be better to do the eye-makeup first, clean the under eye area and then apply the rest of your makeup. 
I used ice flame as an inner corner highlight and as a liner. On top of that, I draw a fine line with sapphire flare. Because I wanted more depth to the look, I came back to melted caramel flame and added a little more to the crease. In the eye-makeup I've created, I didn't include hot-pink flame. To finish the look I applied two coats of the flamed out mascara. I have to say that I wasn't pleased with the wire brush. I found it difficult to apply the mascara evenly without clumps and it smells kind of funny. It also takes a long time to dry so I ended up smearing it all over my eyelids. Hooray! 

When it comes to lasting power, I'm not very impressed. The eyeshadows disappear after a few hours and you're left with a lot of glitter all around you eyes. Well, I like glitter but I rather have it where I put it in the first place. But with a good base, the pots do last a reasonably long time.  The pencils are nice though, I like the pigmentation and they look lovely when they're blended. My favourite piece out of the collection is the melted caramel flame shadow pencil because it's a very wearable colour and it's easy to use as a base, crease colour and liner (if you like a smokey look). 
I wouldn't wear this look the way I created it on the photos, it's, as I already mentioned, out of my comfort zone to wear bright colours on my eyes and I'd use the blues and pinks separately. I wanted to show you this look as an inspiration but I'm not a makeup artist, so you might want to use the products differently.

If you'd like to read more about this collection (and you are able to speak german) please visit Valenas blog, she's great! 

What do you think of the flamed out collection? Which is your favourite product?


*I won the Collection at a giveaway, so I didn't pay for the products. Nevertheless, what I wrote is my absolute honest opinion about them.

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