Wednesday, 28 May 2014

KIKO Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush

Last time I went to KIKO I asked the shop assistant for her opinion on their cream blushes because I like them more in summer than powder blushes. She recommended the ones from the limited edition "sportproof active colours". They're available in four shades. In summertime I like to wear peach colours, so I went for 01 peach.  
Well, the collection's called "sportproof" so I thought it would be accurate to test the lasting power during physical education ;-) To my surprise this blush held its promise and lasted until I actually wanted to remove it. 

But the blush claims to do even more: it should sculpt and highlight your cheekbones and leave a radiant finish. I agree in terms of the finish but I couldn't really see any sculpting or highlighting (the foundation I'm wearing on the photo has a dewy finish). The rounded shape should make application easier and it kind of does. I think it's a fun way to apply blush. I just added a "stripe" of blush near my cheekbone and blended it with my fingers. This works well but you have to be fast because it dries quickly. As you can imagine, I had quite an issue today when I took pictures between applying and blending. This is why it looks a bit blotchy on the photo. I wouldn't recommend to use this blush if you have a lot of blemishes because it does take a little effort to blend and this may destroy the coverage of your foundation.
However, I like the packaging of the product. It doesn't look cheap and it's very unique. 

Have you tried any products from this limited edition yet?

Price: £7.90/ CHF 9.90 (prices may vary)


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