Sunday, 25 May 2014

Kiko - Colour shock in "104 Snappy Brass"

Kiko's limited edition "Boulevard Rock" is still available and it's on sale now!
So I really wanted to show you this gorgeous long lasting eyeshadow from the collection. ( I know, it doesn't look very appealing in the pot if you know what I mean…)  The texture of it is similar to a mousse and very easy to blend. It dries after a short while but not too soon, so there's no hurry when it comes to blending. I applied it with my fingertips and blended it with a brush. It does appear glittery when its blended but the glitter stays where you want it to stay, so I didn't mind. And I love the colour! Without a base the lasting power wasn't very impressive, but according to other bloggers, it doesn't sink into the crease and lasts a good amount of time. Sadly, I can't show you a photo of me wearing it because I had an allergic reaction to the eyeshadow. Don't be put off by that fact, I'm allergic to a lot of products and it happens every now and then.  

normal lighting

in the sunlight

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  1. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the allergic reaction :-( What a shame... the color is truly gorgeous.

  2. It wasn't a severe reaction, could have been worse. But thanks anyway! I'm sure someone will be happy to take the eyeshadow :-)

  3. That's pretty indeed! But too bad about your reaction to it. I'm very allergic too and have to be very very careful, specially with 100% organic products, because I'm allergic to all sorts of plants. That's no luck for a beauty & makeup lover :)


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