Friday, 16 May 2014

Soap&Glory Scrubatomic Amazing Daily Face Polish

Ever since I've been to London I have a slight obsession with Soap&Glory. That's why I wanted to show you the other little something I got from their product range as well. 
As the name would suggest, the Scrubatomic is a face scrub. Due to my sensitive skin I stayed away from face scrubs so far because they tend to break me out quite badly. 
But you know, the packaging says this is an AMAZING daily face polish, so I'm allowed to expect quite a bit, right? 
The first thing I noticed as soon as I opened the tube was the smell. AMAZING would definitely be the right word to describe it. Do you love peaches? You'll love the scent of this scrub. It's like summer in a tube which makes me happy every time I use it, that is every other day by the way. 

The tube contains 100ml of the thick cream and the beads to exfoliate are tiny and gentle. I apply it to my nose and my cheeks and scrub it with wet fingertips. Then I rinse well. 
After using it, my skin feels very soft and smooth and not dry. I can't see a brightening effect as they promised on the packaging, but it does the job. 

I've used this for three weeks now and I didn't have any bad reactions to it, so for me it's definitely a keeper. If you want a scrub that foams on your face, this is not the right one for you. But if you're looking for a gentle scrub which is suitable for dry or sensitive skin as well, I'd recommend to try this. 

What do you think of this scrub and which is your favourite Soap&Glory product?


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