Friday, 27 June 2014

Charles Worthington - Volume&Bounce Texturising Spray

I'm a big fan of messy hairstyles with lots of volume. But my hair is rather fine and lacks volume, that's why I love to use texturising sprays. Today I'm going to introduce you to the Charles Worthington Volume&Bounce Texturising Spray. 

About the Product: It comes in a can containing 150ml of the product. Even though it's quite cheap I think the packaging looks high quality. There is alcohol in the product so it can be a little drying, but it's pretty hard to get hairspray type of products without any alcohol anyway. It's a shame! However, it has a nice fruity smell.

What it says: The Texturising Spray claims to instantly create big hair with lots of texture. This is what I want it to do, so let's hope it works. It's non-greasy and can be spritzed directly onto the roots for a backcomb effect. After applying it you should ruffle your hair to enhance the volume. 

What it does: My hair usually responds very quickly to styling products. It's not different with this one: when I add it I instantly look like a lion and I don't mean this in a good way. That's when I need a comb to tame my mane (hooray a rhyme!). After a bit of messing around with my hair it can look great, It doesn't have to. I'm not the hairstyling pro kind of girl, I like to keep it simple and focus on my makeup. Maybe that's the reason I never manage to make a hairstyle look the same as the last time I did it. But most of the time I'm really impressed with this product. It's not only a texturising spray, it also provides hold and it doesn't make my hair feel crunchy. And it lasts! Not like an hour or so but the whole evening even if I'm out with friends dancing and whatsoever. 
after I've "tamed" my hair

Conclusion: The product is not as quick as I wished for, but it does the job. It needs a bit of practice to get the hang of how to use it to create messy but nice hairstyles and not a big mess. I would definitely buy it again because I've never been a fan of backcombing and this gives the same effect and it's not as drying as I feared it to be. 

How do you get volume into your hair? Have you tried any texturising sprays? 



  1. Sounds like it dos a decent enough job - ty for the review! Sigh...any ideas for getting RID of volume in hair lol.Just kidding..just wish my hair was less frizzy!! Your hair looks very purdy!

    1. Thanks! Haha never had the problem of too much volume, sorry ;-) A friend of mine uses the John Frieda Anti-Frizz range and as far as I know she's quite pleased with the results…

  2. I love messy voluminous hair too. Unfortunately, no matter what I use, I never get my hair to hold volume... Or curl. Or texture.


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