Sunday, 8 June 2014

Summer Nailpolishes

Summer has definitely started in Switzerland now. Thermometer indicates 31°C and I'm feeling more than a little warm. Guess what, I'm not used to heat…
With a glass of cold water next to me I'm ready to show you some of my favourite nailpolishes for summer time now. 

Misslyn - 674

Yes! About a year ago I'd have never thought that I'd love a yellow nail polish. But tastes change, so I officially admit that I like it now. The Misslyn nail polishes are quite good. The lasting power is reasonable and the application is very easy. This one needs two coats and it doesn't dry very fast, so you need some patience. And I'm a bit disappointed with the fact that they don't name their nail polishes . I think the name gives the nail polish a personality, maybe silly but that's just how I feel. 

BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint - Huckleburry

I've talked about this nail polish in my floral nail tutorial, so you might know already that I love the colour but hate the lasting power. On my nails it chips off after a few hours which is really annoying. But the colour is lovely though…  To get an opaque finish, I apply two or even three coats.

L'oréal collection privée by Doutzen - Doutzen's nude

This nail polish might be my all time favourite. It's the perfect nude pink, it lasts around three days and it's opaque with three coats. I think it looks quite elegant but still kind of girly, which is nice. BUT it is expensive (at least in Switzerland). It retails for 10 CHF* for 5ml. Essie in comparison costs 19.90 CHF for 13.5ml.

*in the UK it's £4.99, US: $4.99

Essie - Funny Face

What is there to say about Essie? I love their formula, I love the colour range, the pigmentation is great and look at this pink! It makes me happy everytime I wear it. And who on earth comes up with all the names? 

Misslyn - 361

Again, the formula of Misslyn nail polishes is good. Especially this colour is amazing. It applies smoother than any nail polish I've used before and it's opaque in one swipe. I adore this cherry red colour with a hint of pink. Or is it more of a dark pink with a hint of red? I don't know, nevertheless it looks good and I like to wear it when I'm going out.
Misslyn cosmetics are available in most parts of Europe but not in the UK and sadly they're not available in the USA either.

I'm not a person who gets tanned very easily. I find that with pale nail colours the skin appears a little more tanned so I try to cheat this way.  
I didn't include Essie's "cute as a button" which I love as well but I already featured it in the spring nail polishes. 

Which is your favourite summer nail polish? 
Have you tried the one's from Misslyn?



  1. I love these colors on you! I for one usually stay away from brights.. guess I should change that :-)

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    1. Thanks :-) You should give them a try, especially the ones from Essie are amazing!


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