Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Too Faced Natural Eyes - Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

I'm in love… again! 
As you may know I'm addicted to neutral eyeshadows and nude eye-makeup looks. I've been very pleased with the Naked and the Naked 3 palette but to get my perfect everyday makeup, I always needed both palettes which was kind of annoying. So I was dreaming of a small compact palette combining my favourite everyday shades… and thanks to Too faced this little dream of mine came true! Take a look at this beauty:

They arranged the collection in three rows which are suggested to be used in combination to create the three looks "day", "classic" and "fashion". Luckily they even thought about how much of each eyeshadow you'd need so they added a larger amount of the shadows which you'd apply all over your lid. 

Day: Heaven, Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso

How to: Apply "heaven" all over your lid and to the brow. Use "cashmere bunny" as a crease colour and blend. Now you either enhance the shadow with "sexpresso" or you  apply it to frame your eye. 

As you will see in one of the next photos, "nudie" and "cashmere bunny" do look quite similar. I would say "nudie" is a little less pigmented though so it makes your everyday makeup look even more natural . 

Classic: Silk teddy, Push-up and Erotica

How to: Use "silk teddy" as a base colour all over your lid and to your brow and apply "push-up" to your lid. Blend "erotica" into the crease and to your lower lash line. 

This option is a little too sparkly for me, I rather pair the two darker colours with a matte base. As you can see "erotica" contains glitter so some of them might fall down during the day. 

Fashion: Nudie, Honey Pot and Chocolate Martini

How to: Blend "nudie" from crease to brow and apply "honey pot" onto your lid and as an inner corner highlight. Use "chocolate martini" as a crease colour and apply it into the upper and lower lashes. 

Yep, this is my thing. Not to wear to university, but when I'm going out. "honey pot" is gorgeous and I love the rich colour of "chocolate martini".

All in all these shadows last during a non-sweaty day but they do crease a little if you use them without a primer. Except "nudie" and "erotica" all of the eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented and apply very smoothly. They're easy to blend, the packaging is nice (metal with a magnetic catch) and it made deciding which palette I should put into my travel makeup bag so much easier. Is this perfection in a metal box? Not yet, but we're getting there...

What do you think about this palette? Have you found your perfect palette yet?



  1. It's a gorgeous neutral palette, and I think that if you don't own a palette like this yet it would probably be a great choice. Too Faced always delivers in my opinion.

  2. Oh this is such a pretty palette.. and your swatches are really good!

    TheConscienceFund | Bloglovin'


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