Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Battle of Deodorants

This might not be the fanciest topic on earth but we all use deodorant on a daily basis, at least I hope so. It's summer and during the next few days it's going to be very hot in Switzerland, so we sure need some  sweat protection. I keep a deodorant in every handbag I use often, that's why I've got quite a range of different ones here. I don't really care whether they're roll on or spray but I guess I prefer roll on in winter and spray during summer. 

Nivea Happy Time: If you use Nivea's happy time range, you'll sure know how this deodorant smells… it's amazing! Fruity sweet perfection! This scent really does make me happy every time I sniff it. But the deodorant itself doesn't seem to have the best lasting power. It's ok in winter but when it's hot it kind of melts away after a few hours. I still use it because of its scent but usually only when I'm at home and not doing anything particularly active. 

Nivea double effect: This deodorant contains avocado extracts which should make the hair under your armpits softer (sounds gross) to get a close shave. I do think this is more nurturing than a lot of others I've tried but unfortunately I don't like the scent. Maybe this is just my imagination but it reminds me of sweat and that's the opposite of what a deodorant should do, right? Again, this one is more of a winter deodorant. 

Nivea stress protect: Yep, this one keeps the sweat away! The scent is nothing special and decent which I like, because for every other thing I have a perfume. It's antibacterial and contains zinc to fight stress-related sweating. I used this one on every single day of my exams and I felt "protected" if you know what I mean. Short: I didn't stink! Sadly it's quite drying so I need to moisture my armpits with a rich body lotion after I've used this and somehow I feel strange about that… do you moisture your armpits? Is this strange?

Fa nutri skin: I only keep this deodorant because my significant other loves its scent. But this is also what I don't like about it. Sure, it smells great but it's really overpowering and I don't want to smell of my deodorant, I like to use perfume. The lasting power isn't the best either, so I won't repurchase this one.

Rexona shower fresh: This might be love… at least once a week. Is it only me or are there certain scents you just don't want to wear on an everyday basis? I have to say that this deodorant really does a good job! It keeps me smelling fresh and nice all day without interfering with my perfume. But as I said, I get bored with the scent very fast and that's the only reason I'm using other deodorants as well. 

Borotalco original fresh: This one is a recommendation from a dear friend (hi if you're reading this) and I'm quite pleased with it. I'd have never bought it without this recommendation because I hate its tv-spot… I know I shouldn't base my opinion on advertisement but if I find something annoying I just don't feel like buying it. But now back to the product: The scent is very unusual and in some way addictive, however, still decent. What I don't like about it is that it leaves a white film on the skin sometimes which can transfer to clothes… not nice. There's a new "invisible" version available, I hope they could fix that.

After writing this post I feel like I must be a heavy sweater because lots of deodorants don't seem to work for me, but actually I'm not. What do you think about the whole 48h protection thing? It sure doesn't work for me, how about you?
I usually think I stink when I can smell the scent of my deodorant during the day. I hate that, no idea why. 

What I'm generally looking for in deodorant is a decent scent, protection, no alcohol and no colour. But I heard a lot of people talking about the dangers of certain ingredients in deodorants. Due to the fact that it's a product I'm using on a daily basis, I guess I didn't spend enough time reflecting pros and cons of their content and thinking about alternatives so far. This is what I'm going to do in the future. I'll do some research the "dangers" of deodorants (aluminum etc.) and how to avoid them. What do you think about that? I would be very interested in your thoughts so I'm looking forward to reading your comments.


PS.: You may leave your comment in German, French or Spanish as well if you like ;-)


  1. Omg I loved so many of these when I had access to them. The Fa and Rexon ones ( or even the Nivea spray ones) are really hard to come buy (if not impossible) in Canada! Too bad they didnt last too long on you though! Ive tried the non-aluminium ones and they were ineffective on me so I'd be up for some recommendations there as well if anyone else has them!

    1. These are the most common brands in Switzerland and I guess in a lot of european countries.
      I've never tried an aluminum free deodorant, if I find something good, I'll sure do a blogpost on it.

  2. I really like the ones from Yves Rocher. They come in different scents (lavendar, grapefruit, lemon, jasmin and so on) and really keep me smelling good and not feeling sweaty during the day! And most of the time they're on offer for 2,10€!

    1. That's good to know, they recently opened a store nearby. Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. Look at those adorable Nivea deodorants!! I wish we had those here in the US. We have a very limited range of Nivea products here, but we do have the Happy Time shower gel and it smells AMAZING! And you're right - yes, we should all be sporting deodorant esp. in the summer! :)

    1. For me it seems very strange that the US doesn't have a lot of Nivea because the products are everywhere around here. But you know, I wouldn't mind having some of the beauty brands in Switzerland which are available over there ;-)


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