Thursday, 24 July 2014

Berlin Haul

Hello there, I'm back from Berlin. I spent some lovely days there visiting Potsdam, the Berlin Zoo and the city. As I said I didn't plan to buy beauty products and I'm very proud of myself because I kept my promise. Nevertheless, I'd like to show you what I bought during the last week. 

First, we went to Pull&Bear because they don't have a store in Switzerland and I usually like a lot of their stuff so we spent quite a while in there. 

Finally, I bought these chinos and a summer dress. The chinos are a loose fit and extremely comfy so I instantly fell in love with them. They're available in about six colours, but some of them were kind of strange and others just boring, so I went for the light blue ones. 

The summer dress with the monochrome print is not too short but not too long either and has a lovely cut out back. I have to admit that the colour isn't too summery, but I think it looks great and I'll get a lot of wear out of it. 

I planned on going to the Fossil store because I've seen a bag online which I wanted to get my hands on. Well… I ended up spending quite a bit more than I intended to:

My excuse for buying another handbag is that this one has the perfect size for my stuff I need for university. And the compartments inside are soooo well organized…

Which is your favourite excuse to get a new handbag? Any other obsessed people?
And look what I've found there as well:

You can never go wrong with some rose gold jewelry, can you? 
I didn't have such a big watch before, I always tended to get the very small ones but I thought this one looks really nice and it's very thin so it doesn't appear too big on my wrist. And then I got the matching bracelet… aaand another one, just because it was on sale and I liked it.

Yup, I might have gone a little crazy in the Fossil store, whoops! Does this happen to you as well? I kind of got sucked in by all the lovely things… but I stopped shopping immediately after leaving the store!

In the end I bought a dry shampoo as well but I'll talk about that in a review soon. Until then!



  1. very nice haul :)

    1. Thanks! I'll check out your blog, thank you for leaving the link :-)

  2. Nice trousers! And I love the watch, very nice.

  3. I love that bag! My best excuse to buy a new handbag is ... well, I do not need any excuse! But I limit my self to one bag per season, that is 4 bags per year maximum. That makes me to think a lot about it because I do not want to buy one and then regret it :)
    Great post, I love haul posts <3

    1. That's definitely a good way to limit yourself! I tend to buy handbags when I'm on holiday so because of the limited space of my baggage, I won't buy too many either ;-) Thanks Natalia, I'm glad you like it :-)

  4. such anamazingg haul.. loved ur watch, trousers and that bag too.. .. ;)


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