Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Kneipp bath oil "Schönheitsgeheimnis"

As a person with dry skin I always ask myself before I have a bath if I really need it. The warm water dries my skin even more so it takes some time and a lot of body butter after the bath to get the hydration back into the skin. 

The German brand Kneipp creates all natural body oils and bath oils with a special purpose such as relaxation, fighting a cold or in this case: skin care. I've discovered this oil "Schönheitsgeheimnis", which means "beauty secret", a few weeks ago and I like it so far. It contains Argan oil, marula oil, olive oil and castor oil. The ingredients soften and protect the skin and they're lipid replenishing. If you're not used to that it might feel very strange at the beginning because after you've finished your bath, your whole body is covered with oil and you have to massage it into your skin. If you don't like body oils, you wouldn't like this product. But for me it's great, I don't need to use body lotion afterwards, the oils provide enough moisture. As a plus, lots of oils are easier to work into the skin when they're warm, and that's exactly what they are after having a bath. 
There is a downside to this product: you need to clean the bathtub after using this oil and by "cleaning" I don't mean washing the product off with some water. It's like using a fry pan: there's a lot of oil sticking to the pan so it needs a cleaning agent to break the oils and wash them off. 
However, in my opinion the product is worth the little cleaning session. The sweet smell reminds me of almonds (I had to check: it does contain almonds) and the oil feels luxurious on the skin. It lasts for about 10 baths and the price is reasonable (CHF 9.90) but if you want a bubble bath, this won't be your product. 

What do you do to keep your skin hydrated when you're having a bath?


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