Monday, 7 July 2014

Louis Widmer Sun Protection Face & After Sun Lotion

As I announced I'm going to present you some more Louis Widmer products. The Sun Protection Face is a rather new discovery for me. It's a sun cream created especially for the face, this means it's extra gentle and contains ingredients not only to protect but also to treat the skin. It comes in a golden 50 ml tube with SPF 30 and due to the fact that you're using it on your face instead of your entire body, it lasts for quite a while. This sun cream is for sensitive skin, provides high protection and combats the ageing process of the skin. When I bought this, I asked the shop assistant whether it can be used under foundation or not. She told me that it won't be possible on oily skin but for people with dry skin it works when you skip the moisturizer. She was totally right. The sun protection provides enough moisture for the whole day but I can imagine that it would be too much on oily skin because even I need to touch up with powder during the day. I can't say a lot on the anti-ageing effect because I might be too young to really see a difference… However, it doesn't break me out, which most other sun creams do and I like the feminine scent, so I'm really pleased with this one.

When it comes to after sun skincare, Louis Widmer's After Sun Lotion is by far the best I've ever tried. It has an instant cooling effect while also soothing and moisturizing the skin. When I get sunburnt, which is very rare because I'm using sun protection religiously, I always use this one and the next day the sunburn is gone. With other after sun lotions I often felt like they don't do anything else than a good moisturizer, but this one really does a perfect job. It has a very descent and fresh scent and feels extremely light on the skin. For me, this is an all time favourite.

Prices: Sun Protection Face - CHF 27.00 
             After Sun Lotion - CHF 21.00
Which sunscreen do you use on your face?



  1. Interesting ,...haven't heard of this brand before! I've been chanting the names of my two fav sunscreens for a few weeks now lol. Theyre the IDC Integrale and the La Roche Posay Ultra Fluid ones. Always worked for me with absolutely no issues so I just stick to them. I might try the DiorSnow next!

    1. La Roche Posay never let me down either ;-)


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