Friday, 11 July 2014

SOS Nail repair for torn nails

I'm in mourning… yesterday, I tore two of my nails during work. My job is not really the best to keep nails looking lovely, I have to paint them every day because the nail polish is chipped after work. But now they're severely damaged, so I needed a quick way to fix them. First thing to do is to remove the nail polish. Over night I use the Dikla nail treatment or even better the Trind nail balsam (this might be the best treatment for nails I've ever used, but sadly mine is empty). 

But now on to the interesting part: how do I "repair" a torn nail?
Some of you might know the teabag-method where you use nail glue on the torn part and place a piece of a teabag on top of it, cover it with a top coat etc. but I don't have the time to fuss around with nail glue and snipping teabags and everything. So that's what I do:
In the morning I paint my nails with a base coat, this time I used the L'oréal La Manicure Miracle Repair 7. I'm not really sure about the miraculousness of this product, for me it's just a base coat. Anyway, I wait for it to dry completely before I take my clear cellotape and cut a piece of it. This is what I put on top of the torn part. Make sure the surface is even and theres no air between the cellotape and your nail. Then apply any nail polish you like on top of it. I'd recommend to use a flexible or gel like nail polish, for example the maybelline super stay 7 days gel nail colour. I apply two coats of it and no top coat, because I think it's more flexible without the top coat. 
This method is not very professional, I know, but it works. And that's what we want, right? On my nails it lasts easily for three days, then I usually remove it because I either get bored with the nail colour or because I had to touch up the rest of my nails several times due to my nail-damaging job. 

What do you do when you have a torn nail? Do you have any not so secret tips?


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