Monday, 28 July 2014

Yves Rocher - Expert repair cream

A few weeks ago I visited the new Yves Rocher store that opened nearby. I didn't know their products at all, so I asked one of the ladies in the shop for help. Luckily, she was the store manager so she was extremely helpful and took the time to explain the whole concept to me and showed me a lot of different products. When I told her that I'm looking for a body moisturizer for dry skin which provides enough moisture that I don't have to use it twice a day, thats what she recommended. First plus: It comes in a tube (150ml) and not in a jar which I discovered is rare for very rich creams. The whole product is natural as all the other products from Yves Rocher. I'm usually not a big fan of all natural products because they somehow never worked for me so far, but I still wanted to try some of these products. 

The texture of the cream is thick just like a body butter but it sinks into the skin fast (body butters don't do that on my skin). It's paraben-free and the main ingredient is carite butter which makes it smell quite sweet. Even though this cream is thick, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. 
Before I started using this, my legs resembled a desert because I was too lazy to use my body lotion twice a day. I always apply my body moisturizer in the evening and after three days of using this, the skin on my legs was smooth and hydrated. Win! I used it everyday since and I'll repurchase it as soon as it comes to an end. I would wish for a little more decent scent but due to the fact that this product is all natural, I'll just go with it. 
I would recommend this product to everyone suffering from dry skin who is as lazy as me when it comes to moisturising the body. 

What do you think about natural skincare? 



  1. It's a small tube for a body product. But what's in it does sound good :-)

    1. True, but I got it for CHF 7 so the price is ok for the amount of product I think.

  2. I think it is made for my super dry skin.. ;) .. adding it to my wishlist!! :)


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