Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Birthday BBQ Preparations

It's my 22 birthday today and I invited some friends over for a BBQ in the garden. I'm not the kind of person who really celebrates birthdays but I think it's a great opportunity to spend a lovely day with friends, to eat a lot of food and catch up. Have you ever prepared food for 15 people? I haven't, at least I can't remember. But I love cooking and baking so I decided to give it a go, there's not too much to do for a barbecue anyway. I just find it quite hard to estimate the amount of food needed. I asked everyone to bring the things they want to barbecue and special drinks if they want some, so basically I'm preparing side dishes, salads and desserts. And this is on the "menu":

green salad with herbs
garlic bread
tomato and basil muffins
au gratin potatoes
blueberry muffins
lemon muffins
mousse au chocolat

Furthermore, I tried a recipe for a fruit punch and I really hope it turned out well.
And that's it. There's not a lot to show you right now, because I'll prepare most of it right before my friends arrive. But this is what my kitchen looks like so far:

Now I have to run to the vegetable garden to get some salad and other veggies. I had a lot of fun preparing the desserts, the rest is still in progress and I'm looking forward to spending a great day with my friends and family.



  1. Happy birthday! You're in luck with the weather, it's perfect for a barbecue! I wish you loads of fun!


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