Monday, 11 August 2014

Essence Nail Art Tools

Today I'd like to give you a quick overview of the nail art tools I use to create nail designs. I don't use any very fancy expensive stuff, the things I use are from essence and cost around CHF 3. So what do I need? I want to be able to draw fine lines, so I'm in need of a very fine nail polish brush. If I want to create a quick nail look I always find myself coming back to the ombré, that's why I need nail art sponges as well. These two things come in one set for CHF 3.50.

The nail art brush has very long bristles when you buy it. I think it's easier to cut them a bit shorter to gain control. I haven't done this yet on the brush in the pictures because I just replaced my old one. Don't pull on the bristles, the quality is not the best… but make sure you always remove the nail polish from the brush, otherwise it will soon be inusable. I've used this brush to draw dots as well, but a few days ago I've found this little guy:

It's called the nail art duo stylist and it's designed to apply rhinestones but can be used for nail styling too. I only use it to draw dots and this thing makes it remarkably easy and at a price of CHF 3.50, this is a bargain. 

Same story with this one: remove the nail polish right after you've finished using the tool. 

And last but not least: If I want to create a neat stripe design, I tend to use nail art stickers. I apply then on the base colour, apply a colour on top of it and remove the stickers when the nail polish is still wet. The stickers retail for CHF 1.95 and I reuse them. 

In case you're wondering: Yes, I did use all of the tools at the same time on one hand. It's not a nice look ;-)

If you're living in the USA you can get essence products at Walgreens, Ulta and some other places, in the UK they're available at Wilkos. And this is how they look when they're still in the packaging:

Have you tried the essence nail art tools or tools from any other brand? 



  1. Hey Cheryl, I am not a big nail art person (too lazy), but it's always fun to see nail art! The dotting tool looks great, but the brush looks kinda wacky. I have no idea how you drew that little palm tree with it! I would have failed SO miserably!

    1. Thanks, Sunny! Drawing with this brush is kind of tricky yes… but you'll get used to it.


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