Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nifty Nude and Point Nail Art

When I want my nails to look a bit more fancy than usual but don't have the time to do nice nail art like the Vintage Roses I always go back to simple designs with a base colour and a few stripes, points or dots. I get bored by wearing the same nail art quite fast so I like to try new stuff. This is one of my new favorites. It only takes you a few minutes and is very easy to achieve. 

You may choose any colour you want, I decided to go for a nude base, the KIKO Nr. 478. 

For this nail art it's handy to have a thin nail art brush (you can get one from essence) because it's hard to draw straight lines with a toothpick. 
Now draw two fine lines from each side starting a bit under the tip of your nails to create a V-shape with a colour you like. I used the Misslyn Nr. 614. If the lines aren't perfect, you can always correct them later using the base colour again. 

Below the first blue V-Shape I repeated the process with a different colour, in this case the essence metallic champagne tip painter. If you can get hold of a tip painter, it's the easiest way to do nail art because the brush is a little softer than lots of the thin nail art brushes and you don't have to clean the brush everytime you've used it. 

And guess what? Do the same again applying a third colour such as the p2 miss french white. 

As you can see on the first picture, I've added a rhinestone to finish the design. If you don't have nail art rhinestones you may want to add a dot of a silver colour. This is what I did on the rest of my nails except for the thumbnail. As always, apply a topcoat to even out the surface. 
This whole nail art looks a lot more difficult than it actually is, just take your time if you're new to nail art and I'm sure you'll soon be a pro! 
If you have any suggestions for new designs, I'd love to hear them. 



  1. Super cute manicure and that base colour is SO pretty! Kiko...a brand that I miss having here inCanada ( or even north america for that matter I think!)

    1. They're opening stores all over the USA right now, a few are already open around Manhattan. I don't know about Canada though…

    2. Well whatever goes to Canada takes months ( to sometimes never) to get here:( I'll keep my eyes peeled!ty

  2. Very creative! I usually keep things more simple. I am veeeeery basic with my nail arts :-)

    1. Basic is not a bad thing, there are lots of simple and lovely designs ;-) I love gradient nails and they're pretty easy as well


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