Thursday, 28 August 2014

Yves Rocher - Clarifying and calming face masks

For me, Sunday is the day to relax and pamper myself. And you can't do a proper pampering day without a face mask, can you? Well, you may have noticed that it's not Sunday yet. I'm aware of that, but shops are closed on Sunday in Switzerland, so you have to come prepared. 
I have dry to combination and blemish prone skin, which makes choosing the right face mask quite difficult. My solution? I apply two different masks at the same time, a calming and moisturizing one for the dry patches and a clarifying for the blemish prone parts of my face. 
I've recently started using a combination of the Yves Rocher sebo végétal clarifying mask and the Yves Rocher active sensitive calming mask for sensitive skin. Both masks contain all natural ingredients and should be removed 5-10 minutes after applying. 

The calming mask contains olive essence and is very hydrating. The texture is not too thick and the mask is only mildly scented. As soon as I apply it to the dry parts of my face, my skin feels soothed. The whole process from the application till the removal is lovely with this mask. It leaves the skin soft and hydrated. 

Finding a clarifying face mask which isn't too drying can be hard, but this is a water based clay mask and should be gentle on the skin while it has a mattifying effect and cleanses pores. The texture is a lot thicker than the calming face mask and it has a greeny-brown colour. Again, the product doesn't have a strong scent. 
I agree with the fact that this face mask is gentle on the skin and it doesn't make my skin feel dry but after I've used it a few times I noticed, that I always get breakouts where I've applied it. That's why this isn't the right product for me. I liked the way the product worked, but I don't want to deal with more blemishes after using a clarifying mask. 

Altogether, I like the calming mask a lot and I'll definitely keep using it regularly but the clarifying mask isn't for me. The product would be great, but regarding the fact that it makes my skin break out leads me to giving it away to someone with less sensitive skin. 
The calming mask costs CHF 12.95, whereas the clarifying mask is CHF 13.95. 
Have you tried one of the Yves Rocher face masks? Which face mask do you use? 


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  1. Oh no, what a shame about the clarifying mask :-(


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