Friday, 19 September 2014

DIY: Chic Bead Bracelet

We're a little off topic today with a tutorial that hasn't anything to do with beauty. Two weeks ago I went to a market where people sold their handmade stuff such as bags, soaps, cards, jewelry, …, I could go on with listing other things but I guess you got the idea now. I've seen a veeeerry pretty bead bracelet there but it cost CHF 78. When I asked the "designer" why it's that expensive she told me it's because the beads are made of tibetan silver. I don't mind whether the beads are silver or "normal" metal so I decided to take a closer look at how it's made and went to a bead store to ask them if they agree with me on how I would recreate it. By the way, that's when I found out that tibetan silver is nothing special at all and quite cheap as well… 
It's a bit difficult to write down how to create the bracelet step by step so just take a look at the pictures and I hope you'll be able to understand the procedure. 

You'll need: 
- approximately a 50cm long leather strap, mine was 2mm thick
- a button
- a needle
- some thread
- about 30 round beads (5mm)
- twice the amount of flat beads

Put the middle of the leather strap through the holes of the button and tie a knot.

Cut a long piece of thread, insert it in the needle. Secure the two ends below the knot.

The first three rows of beads won't be easy because you need to bring the leather straps into the right position. Now string the beads onto the needle and secure them to the leather strap by following an eight-shape. By this I mean your needle will be over the leather strap on one side, then you string the beads, the needle goes under the leather strap on the other side and around it, goes through the same row of beads again and under the leather strap on the first side. Now you start again. 

When the bracelet is long enough to go around your wrist, secure the thread and tie a knot with the leather strap. Now leave enough space after that first knot to push the button in between the two straps and tie a second knot. To make the ends of the leather strap look cuter, tie a tiny knot on each end. 

And this is about how it'll look in the end. I like it a lot and it's quick and easy so I might add some different colours or smaller ones to the collection soon ;-) 

I hope you liked this little off-topic tutorial and please feel free to ask any further questions if my description wasn't clear.



  1. Purdy Cheryl! I just adore handmade stuff. I definitely will pay more for a handmade piece just because I know its handmade and unique! I dont know that I have the patience to make this myself but I can definitely appreciate it :) And btw..I like these "off topic" topics:)

    1. Thank you Dee! I think it's worth the time to make it because if it turns out well I reckon I appreciate it more than things I "just" bought ;-) Thanks, I'm glad you like reading these things :)

  2. Oh that looks so pretty! Totally pro.


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