Friday, 26 September 2014

Manor September Stylebox: First Impressions on the Clinique custom-repair serum and other products

Manor, one of the department stores in Switzerland, offers a monthly beauty box with new (or not that new anymore) products. The box contains five products, some of them sample sizes but most of them full size. Each month you can take a look at whats in it and order it online for CHF 20, like that you don't have to pay for products you're not really interested in. 
Now let's have a look inside…

I've only just got the box so what I'll do is a first impression on the products.

Revlon Autumn Spice Scented Nail Enamel
I was quite skeptical when I got this. I didn't believe that it will smell after I've applied it and I thought the colour won't be opaque. But Revlon did a good job at surprising me. If carefully applied, it's opaque with only one coat and the finish is amazing! Very sparkly and with a kind of 3D effect. Even the scent was really there. I wouldn't describe it as "autumn spice" but it's definitely there and it's sweet. Not what I'm looking for in a nail polish but I don't mind it either. This might even be an autumn favourite for me… 

Boss Ma Vie Body Lotion
This product wasn't one of the reasons I purchased the style box this month. I'm not a fan of  perfumed body lotion and it's not different with this one. The scent is floral and too mature for me and I don't like applying heavily perfumed products all over my body. So this body lotion will either go to my mum or end at the back of a drawer… 

Clinique Smart Custom-repair Serum
Oooh I'm excited about this one and it's the main reason I bought the box. This is a serum with a brain! Well, not really a brain but it should identify the problems of your skin and target its needs. It's meant to reduce lines and imperfections and even out the skin tone while firming the skin at the same time. Sounds awesome, right? I can't tell you a lot about it yet but so far it feels nice on the skin and has a very light gel like texture. I'll keep you updated on how I'm getting along with the rest.

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
Lots of bloggers have written about this product. My first impression? It's ok. It's not a moisturizer and not a bb-cream either but it contains colour pigments so you need to remove it in the evening. I'd say it's simply a tinted moisturizer with a lot of claims. I'm not sure whether it will be able to live up to them because this little cream is supposed to adapt to your skin tone and even it out while it has a list of different effects such as anti-aging, smoothing, softening and awakening effects and in longterm reduces dark spots and redefines the texture of your skin. That would mean perfect skin in a tube after 28 days…
When applied to my face it doesn't feel special and doesn't irritate it. It hasn't got real coverage but I can see that it evens out my skin tone a little. But have a look yourself and let me know your thoughts on this product. I'm sorry for looking tired but you know, sometimes we just are tired, aren't we? And there's no other makeup on my face to cover that. 

it changes colour as soon as applied

Homan Peeling Glove "Kese"
I don't know how to feel about this one. The description sounded nice but the glove resembles a tea towel. Anyway, it has to be gentle because it's meant to be used to massage your face and décolleté. There's a very useful side effect to this peeling glove as well: it prevents cellulite. Yes, you've read right… seriously? Cellulite prevention for face and décolleté? I'm not aware of a liability to cellulite in the face, are you? But I'm glad to learn more about that…

That was it for the style box of September 2014. Do you know any of the products? What do you think about perfumed body lotion? 

Please let me know if you enjoy reading post like this where I haven't thoroughly tested the product but just give you a first impression on it. 



  1. I'd be interested to try the miracle skin cream! You skin looks great. I use BB cream usually, I might give this a shot next!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you, Corinne! I might do a full review on it after I gave it a thorough test - see if the miracle happens after 28 days that is.

  2. That's a nice box. Autumn Spice is lovely, I have it too :-) And it smells nice as well!

    1. I was very pleased with the products as well. Especially the clinique serum would be quite expensive on its own.

  3. OK, I think Blogger ate my previous comment (yet again)...

    Anyways: Autumn Spice is a stunning stunning shade!!! I love it! I've been enjoying the Clinique serum. I'm glad you received such a generous sample to try!

    1. I'm very happy with the Clinique serum too, there might be place for it in my skincare routine…
      Meh, I've had the same problem with commenting on Blogger, quite annoying! Thanks for being persistent enough to try it again!


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