Friday, 3 October 2014

10 Random Facts About Me

I really enjoy reading the get-to-know-me sort of tags and as I never told you a lot about myself, I thought it's time to do that now. Personally, I like random facts about people the most, so now make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn 10 random facts about me. 

1. The tip of my nose isn't entirely straight due to an accident I had as a little girl. You can still see the scar but I won't post a close up of my nose for you to check…

2. My favourite word in my mother tongue is "Schmucktrückli", which means "jewelry box".

3. I hate applying lipstick because my lips are quite uneven and I always end up with my bottom lip looking way too big so I have to fiddle around for a good while to make it look perfect. My solution: I dab the lipstick onto my lips and make it look a little worn and messy on purpose.

4. When I was younger, I used to play in musicals. I loved it and I still miss it sometimes. 

5. I'm very interested in learning languages that's why I don't only speak my first language Swiss German but also German (it's not the same language but Swiss people have to learn both), English, French and a bit of Spanish and Swedish. Additionally, one of my main subjects at school was Latin. 

6. When I remove my nail polish I wait for one or two days before I apply new nail polish because I think my nail can breathe better this way, even though I don't know whether this is true or not.

7. I love studying and I can't see why I shouldn't like learning more about the world. 

8. I have a two year old hamster called Cosmo and he's the cutest little fluff ball. 

9. I'm a very cheerful person and other people often tell me how nice it is that I'm smiling all the time. This makes me fear I'm gonna get the worst laughter lines ever!!! 

10. In my next life I would want to be a very spoiled cat which gets food as soon it meows and gets cuddles all the time.

That's it for the random facts about me. Can you see yourself in any of these facts?
I hope you enjoyed reading them and I'm looking forward to reading random facts about other bloggers in the future. 



  1. Haha, I had to laugh at number 9. Typical beauty blogger reasoning, haha :-) Thanks for sharing these facts, it's really fun to get to know you a bit better like this. Don't worry about the lip issue by the way. My lips are uneven as well. I notice. But I hope other people don't. Or at least not as much as I do. And how cool that you used to play in musicals! So you have a great voice then, huh? I also studied Latin and languages in school by the way :-) I spreche ein bischen Deutsch aber es ist einfacher um Deutsch zu sprechen und verstehen und schwieriger um es richtig zu schreiben. Aber die Deutsche Sprache hat wirklich viele coole Wörter! Is that okay? I wish I lived in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. I like German a lot more than French but now that I live in Lausanne I feel like I'm starting to lose my German a bit :-(

    1. Thanks for reading them ;-) I guess we all do have our little imperfections others wouldn't notice. My voice could be worse, but it's a lot of work to keep the level and I don't really have the time to train it anymore.
      And your German was more than okay! You're totally right about that, German grammar is very difficult. Where would you like to live then? A shopping trip to Zurich never hurts and you've got the excuse that you want to speak German ;-)

    2. I'd love to live somewhere close to the mountains, or even in them :-) But I bet Zürich is a really good place to live as well. Who knows, maybe when my fiancé finishes his post-doc we'll move.


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