Friday, 17 October 2014

Pamper Evening Routine

The last couple of days have been quite stressful for me, so I planned a night in to relax and feel at ease. And is there any better way to achieve wellbeing than a pamper evening? 
Over the several times I've done that I developed a little routine I tend to follow and I'd like to share it with you.

1. Usually, I start by washing my hair and applying a hair mask. Right now, I'm using the BonaCure Blond Me hair mask, which is lovely and very moisturizing. 

2. To remove dead skin cells and make my body feel super soft I use a body scrub. The best part: Foot scrub. I hate feet but massaging them with a scrub feels a-mazing! 

3. Then I run myself a bath. Even though the first picture displays bath salts, I prefer using oils because they don't dry out my skin as badly. But I still buy bath salt because I think it looks very chic in a glass jar. Is this strange?

4. Now what is a pamper evening without a scented candle next to the bath tub? At the moment I like the Yankee Candle "Red Apple Wreath". Paired with an episode of the series I'm currently watching, the bathing experience is perfect for me. You might want to apply a face mask but I usually do an overnight mask three times a week so I only apply one if I feel like it. And don't forget to rinse off the hair mask… 

5. Out of the bath tub I apply moisturizer all over my body and jump into my most snuggly clothes. I also have a cashmere blanket, I'm telling you, that's the best investment one can make ;-) 

Now I feel all snuggled up and relaxed. Have a lovely weekend everyone!



  1. We all need a little break and some time off every once in a while! I'm glad to hear you feel all relaxed again after your little me-time session :-)

    1. Yes, we really do. Thanks, Melissa :)


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