Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Colour Changing Nail Polish

As a part of the Hello Autumn Collection, Essence launched colour changing nail polishes. Yes, you've heard right. Do you remember the rings you used to have as a child which changed colour depending on the mood you were in? This is the same but the (kind of) adult edition. And now they admit that the colour doesn't change due to the mood but because of your body temperature. A-mazing! I feel like a child again, so let me show you this!

The colour 02 Meet my Pumpkin changed from orange (warm hands) to brown (cold hands). As you can see in the picture, it actually works! Well, I don't like the colour and I'll probably never use the nail polish again because I only get the brown colour due to my ever cold hands. I had to wash my hand with warm water so the colour could change, haha. But I'm happy now I know it works. 

The other one I've tried is 03 Charlie Seen in Green. With this one, the colour difference is a little less obvious. Cold hands: green nails, warm hands: yellow nails. I don't like either of the colours so again, I applied the colour just for fun. 

What about the quality of the product?
It's ok. Ordinary but rather small brush, not streaky but very sheer. To get an opaque finish you need at least three coats and after a few hours you can see tip wear. 
What they didn't think about when they've created the nail polish was that most people wear base coats under their nail polish. But with this one the colour changing effect is less visible if you wear a base coat because it's another layer that separates the polish from your body. Anyway, a fun product I'd totally wear for Halloween. So it just has to sit in my drawer for a year or so… but for around CHF 4 totally worth a try. 

What are your thoughts on the idea of color changing nail polish? Is it unnecessary or do you think it's kind of cool?



  1. Ive tried them in the past and think its fun once in a while. I had one that was transparent indoors and a pinkish-red outside. Yeah im not a big fan of yellows/greens/browns on nails either!

    1. I've seen that one now as well... I might give it a try just because it's fun ;)


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