Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites

October's gone and instead of very autumnal weather, it's sunny and warm in Switzerland. Well, it depends on where you live of course, you could go skiing in some parts already if you feel like it. And I'm telling you, some people are addicted to winter sports here. They go crazy as soon as they hear about the first snowflake falling down from the sky. But enough of that, I actually wanted to show you my October favourites. And that's what I'll do now:

KIKO Daring Game LE - Blush duo desert sand/rose coral
I've talked about this blush duo in a post about two months ago and I still love it. I wear the colour desert sand almost every time I apply makeup because it's the perfect autumn blush for me. It's a tad darker than the blushes I usually wear but it blends beautifully and looks very natural against my skin tone. Even though this is part of a limited edition, it's still available in the store because this is their autumn/winter collection. What's new in? Their LE Luxurious collection. Definitely worth a trip to KIKO if you're into golden packaging (inspired by YSL?). 

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
Have I raved about this enough? If you've read my blogpost (or any other blogpost) about this serum, I'm pretty sure you've got the idea of how amazing this is. Little addition: I went out foundation-free pretty much the whole month. A little concealer and a hint of blush did the trick for me. I've only worn a full face of makeup when I felt like applying makeup and not because I needed it. I'm very happy with my skin right now :)

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Greige! The New Beige
The name says it all. It's greige. No other words to describe the colour. As with most of the Catrice nail polishes, the brush is wide and shaped to paint the nail in one swipe. To get an opaque finish I used two coats. Sadly, this colour doesn't last as long as I'm used to with Catrice. After two days I can see tip wear and chipped parts and because I'm a freak when it comes to nails, I need to remove the nail polish immediately. But I love the colour so I'm okay with that.

Catrice Luxury Lacquers - Million Brillance Lost 'N Roses 
Just look at it. It's gorgeous! And as with all glitter/confetti polishes, it's a real pain to remove. But how could I possibly ignore this little beauty in a store? I'll include it in a winter nail tutorial soon, so you can see it in action.

Plain Grey Loose Topshop T-Shirt
This might downgrade me to the most boring person ever, but I'm obsessed with this grey Topshop T-shirt. It feels so soft on the skin and falls perfectly because it's not too tight and not too lose, just how I want it. I wear it on lazy days at home as well as combined with a blazer when I go out for dinner. Dear plain grey T-Shirt, this is my declaration of love to you. 

What have you been loving during October? 



  1. That blush duo looks super pretty! And I've been dying to try the new Clinique serum.

    1. And the colours are so easy to wear, lovely :)

  2. Wow, I'm totally into that blush!! It's super pretty!! <3


    1. It is, and the duo is good value for money :)

  3. You need to try out Sephora Instant Glitter polish remover Cheryl!!

    1. Yeesss, I really do! I'm not sure yet how to get it but I'm on it ;)


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