Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sebastian Professional Hydre Shampoo & Conditioner

A few weeks ago I treated myself to one liter of my favourite shampoo and conditioner. Sounds very excessive, but everyone needs to wash their hair so I'm sure I'll finish it eventually. 

According to my hairdresser, it's important to change the haircare routine every now and then so I haven't used the Sebastian Hydre range for a while even though it works best for my hair. I dye my hair around four times a year and I want to limit the damage to a minimum so I invest in reliable products. Now let's explain why the Sebastian Hydre is my favourite shampoo & conditioner:
As the name suggests, it's rich, very hydrating and highly concentrated. My hair is rather fine and this seems to be the only product range that provides intensive nourishment while not being to heavy. Lot's of shampoos weight down my hair and it looks nearly straight. With this one, my hair feels silky soft and falls in light waves. The shampoo cleanses and creates a nice lather. The conditioner detangles and adds shine. My hair tends to be extremely tangled and this conditioner really helps. I distribute it beginning at the ends and working my way up. This way it's more concentrated at the ends. After waiting for half a minute or so I rinse thoroughly. 
The products have a light fruity scent, I'd say it reminds me of peaches? I don't really know, but it makes me happy every time I use it. 

Because the products are highly concentrated, you only need a small amount so this liter will last me for ages. But as I said, I change my haircare routine every once in a while so I guess I won't use all of it at once anyway. 

Do you know Sebastian Professional? What's your favourite shampoo & conditioner? 



  1. This sounds pretty good! The bottles are Huge! :-)

  2. I wanted to buy some new shampoo and conditioner because I'm considering getting rid off all my hair products that contain silicon … I'll check sebastian out.

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    1. My hairdresser told me that silicon doesn't have to be bad, you just need the good quality silicones which won't stick to your hair. Kerastase for example contains silicons as well but the texture is different. I have to admit, I've never checked that but I reckon she's right.
      Anyhow, the Sebastian products seem to work best for me, I hope you like them too :)


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