Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions and Being Productive

Happy New Year everyone!
I know I'm quite late with this one and I don't even have an excuse. Shame on me! 
Anyway, I did make a couple of New Year's resolutions I'd like to share with you, because this way, I feel more motivated to live up to them.
My first resolution is trying to be less messy. I always know where my stuff is, but my room doesn't look very homey if you know what I mean... It's always clean (hygiene fanatic etc.) but my books and papers are spread over a large part of it. Now, I already started on this one. I tidied up my desk first, because I still need to study for the exams in January and write a paper, so I'll spend a lot of time in front of it. And this leads me to the second resolution: Get rid of anything I don't need. As I already hinted last year I'm trying to find my own place to live so I'm trying to reduce the amount of bits and bobs I own. This means going through my makeup "bag" and throw away the old things and the one's I don't use anymore. 
My third resolution is a sequel to last years resolution: I wanted to do sports at least twice a week and I succeed. Over the last couple of months I even went three times a week and this is what I'm trying to keep up. 
Now that's it for my New Year's resolutions. Did you make any?

Again, I wanted to indicate that I won't be posting regularly over the next two weeks due to my exams. And you know what? I have three flat viewings next week and I'm pretty excited for them. I'll keep you posted if there's something interesting to tell. My aim was to move out in February before the semester starts again, but somehow I don't think that it'll work. Well, we'll see...

That was quite a bit of tittle-tattle, if you're still with me, congrats ;)
Please tell me if you're not interested in posts like this one, in that case, I'd avoid them in future. 
Have a lovely day!


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