Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Amsterdam Shopping Haul

It's the fourth of February and I feel as if I celebrated Christmas a week ago. It's unbelievable how quickly time flies! During the last ten days, I moved nearer to the city and went to Amsterdam for a few days. The little journey was perfect to calm down after the stressful exam days and moving house which wasn't very relaxing either. I didn't go there to go shopping but to enjoy the lovely architecture and landscape. I mean, look at the beautiful sight, how could I possibly concentrate on shopping?

It's sooo cute I could hardly believe it, it felt like wandering in wonderland. Nevertheless, it was freakin' cold so I took that as a reason to go shopping and treated myself to some bits and bobs. 

Very popular and right in the middle: the Glam Glow Youthmud. I know I'm extremely late on this one but somehow I wanted to ignore it because I find it too expensive. Well, I caved in now. It's still everywhere so I finally decided to give it a try. We'll see how that goes...

Seeing Rituals all over Amsterdam I had to stop by and you know how this usually ends... it all looks and smells amazing and I just couldn't resist. I got the Shanti Shower Indian Rose and Sweet Almond soothing shower oil and the Sacred Fire White Patchouli and Cedar Wood scented candle. Both of them because of their warm oriental scent. Another thing that invigorates the senses (we're talking about food now) are these honey waffles. I cannot describe in words how good they are. One single bite is enough to get addicted to them. Mhm... yes, I'm eating them right now drooling all over my keyboard. 

Another food related thing is the lovely blue and brown bowl that I'll use for my muesli. I bought two of them and I love the blue glass part.
Last thing I purchased is this long grey blazer from Pull&Bear. Even though it's plain, the straight cut manages to add the finishing touch to an outfit. 

I'm home in my still quite empty apartment, dreaming of the luxurious hotel room and all the windmills. I'd definitely recommend a trip to Amsterdam, though I guess it would be even more delightful in spring. 

I hope you've had a great week so far!



  1. Oh it's so cool that you went to Amsterdam! I used to live in Belgium and I never even went there, oops... Nice little haul!

    1. Oh it's so worth a trip! I'm sure you'll be able to visit it once in your life :)

  2. Amsterdam ist eine tolle Stadt! :) Tolle Bilder!

    1. Danke euch :) Die Stadt ist wirklich suuper!

  3. Amsterdam is at the top of my wishlist for Europe. Can't wait to go !!!

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    1. I'm sure you'd enjoy it. It's beautiful there :) I hope you'll be able to go in spring so you can see all the flowers, I guess I need to go back there to see them someday.


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