Tuesday, 10 February 2015

GlamGlow Youthmud Review

This is a product everyone seems to know. However, I haven't tried it until recently because I wanted to resist the hype. When I got the chance to buy it for a considerably good price in Amsterdam I caved in and here I am, writing a blogpost about how much I love this face mask. After comparing the four available versions of the mask I chose the original GlamGlow because it seemed to be the best to treat dull looking dry-combination skin. 
I felt a bit like a child when I first used it because I was so excited to see the results and skeptical at the same time due to what I've heard about the "miraculous results". 

The mask smells strong but it's a fresh scent so I don't mind. Anyhow, opening the jar and looking at this very yummy greyish brown mixture with little lumps of who-knows-what* kind of lowered my excitement but after spending fifty bucks on the mask I sure wanted to smear every bit of it onto my face. 

* read: green tea leaf, french sea clay, volcanic pumice rock and a lot of ingredients I wouldn't know how to pronounce

The tingly feeling after applying it made me believe the mask was really doing something, not sure whether the beginning of an allergic reaction (with my skin you never know) or just what it's supposed to do. After about 8 minutes my face felt like a block of cement even though I applied a very thin layer. I removed the mask about 3 minutes later with warm water in a circular motion to enhance the exfoliation. This part can get a little messy but the whole process is totally worth it.

Let's talk about the results: My skin looked brighter, the redness of the few blemishes I had was reduced and they disappeared completely over the next 48 hours. Dull skin? No idea what that means... Even my boyfriend noticed that my skin felt extraordinarily soft and looked clear. So for me, this mask gets five out of five stars. The only problem? I want to buy all the others as well just to know whether I chose the perfect one for my skintype... aah! 

If you're interested in the ingredients and the thoughts behind the GlamGlow, I'd recommend to visit their in my opinion very informative and interesting website. 

Have you tried GlamGlow? Which one is your favourite for your skintype?



  1. Sounds like it really worked for you..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I have tried this version but it was too strong for my skin. I broke out terribly the next day. :( However, I love love love the Supermud Clearing Treatment (the white one)! I find it gentler and doesn't irritate my skin as much. Gotta ouch at the price, though! I usually stock up during the sale. :)

    1. Oh no! It's so annoying when that happens... I'm glad the other one works for you though.

  3. Oh wow, when your man comments on your skin you KNOW it's working! :-) I've tried a sample of this and I remember liking it.

  4. OMG i might just be sold on this. Ive never seen a review before on this for us dry skin types. I always imagined anything that looked like clay would make my face feel like the Sahara! Great review and glad to hear it actually did work. Thanks Cheryl!!

    1. Oh and also I just saw this on sale at Marshals over the weekend:s

    2. Ah it's waiting for you! ;) I usually step away from products containing the word "clay" as well but this works for me and I'm very happy I finally purchased it.

  5. I love this one but I really want to try the white one to see if it helps with my blemishes now. Can't quite justify spending that much again though :S
    If your mask tends to dry out you can check out my tip here:
    How to make your glamglow last longer

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I've read it before I went to Amsterdam. Your post is what's reminded me of this mask ;)


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