Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation Review

A few days ago I purchased the new Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation. Cushion Foundations are an innovation from Asia, recently made accessible to the European market by Lancôme. At first sight the cushion foundation resembles a normal compact foundation but it's basically a foundation-soaked pillow. 

What Lancôme says about the product: The miracle cushion foundation is an ultra-weightless liquid foundation with an instant moisturising and refreshening effect to even and beautify the complexion. All of this combined with an innovative effortless application.

As a dry skinned girl, reading the word "moisturising" in the description of a foundation instantly makes me want to try it. Even though at CHF 59.90 it's a pricy product, refills are available for a lower price so I think that justifies it. If your skin tone changes from winter to summer you can also buy a different shade, genuis, right? It's available in six shades, I've got 01 pure porcelaine. The application is easy: you press the sponge-like applicator that comes with the foundation gently on the cushion and dab the foundation directly onto your skin. Now you can feel an amazing cooling effect because the air-tight compact manages to cool down the skin by 2°C (that's what the description says, I guess it would be difficult to check...). The foundation feels very light and fresh on the skin and leaves a beautiful dewy finish. The coverage is light but as the foundation is buildable a medium coverage would be possible too, I just like to keep it light. It evens out the skintone and has a smoothing effect, so it reminds me a little of a BB Cream just maybe better? What made me love this foundation is the fact that you can't tell that your wearing foundation, it looks extremely natural on the skin. As for the moisturising effect I can only agree with what Lancôme says, the Miracle Cushion foundation basically feels like a light daytime moisturiser and it manages to keep my skin hydrated during the whole day. Of course I'm still doing my everyday skincare routine before I apply it, I wouldn't skip that because it's still a foundation and not a skincare product. 
When I powder my T-zone, the foundation lasts the whole day. If you need some touch-ups, the compact is very easy to carry in your handbag and the layers blend seamlessly. 

My only concern was how to keep the applicator and the pillow free from bacteria. The lovely lady in the shop told me that the cushion and the applicator are designed anti-microbial to enable hygienic use. The refill comes with a new applicator and you may clean it . To do so you soak the sponge in warm water with soap or baby shampoo and give it a thorough cleanse, then leave it to dry. 
After a while you should take the cushion from the compact and reverse. It's important to always close the inner lid to keep the foundation fresh. I kept the plastic sticker too and I hope to be able to prevent the foundation from drying longer this way. 

All in all this foundation is a total win for me, my skin seems to love it and the finish is beautiful. In areas I want a little more coverage I just dip a small brush into the cushion. If you don't want to use the applicator, you may use a beauty blender. I tried it and it works perfectly. If the packaging hadn't won me over anyway, the product definitely would have. 

Have you tried a cushion foundation? What are your thoughts on it?



  1. Wow I have never heard of anything like this before, looks amazing!
    I really like the look of this compact.

    Meme xx

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    'Turkey Chili with Rice'

  2. Great♥

  3. Looks pretty cool … but if it works for dry skin it probably won't work for me … on the plus side : saving 60.- :P
    Thanks for the review =)

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    1. I've heard it's suitable for oily skin too, if you have a good setting powder.

  4. Cool, you got it! I've been dying to try it. I'm just so intrigued by the whole cushion concept, ya know. Good to hear you like it.

    1. It's really worth a try, even though I'm still not totally convinced considering the hygiene issue.

  5. well colour me intrigued! I havent found a cushion type foundation in my colour yet. Im super curious about this one now but have to keep up my promise to myself of trying to use what I have first :s I rediscovered my MAc Face& Body foundation recently and have been loving the no-mkaupe makeup look it gives!

    1. I'm a huge fan of no-makeup makup too ;) I hope you'll be able to try this soon!


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