Sunday, 15 March 2015

In my Kitchen

I've been living in my new flat for nearly two months now. Even though I cooked sometimes at my parents house before, I didn't need to do it on an everyday basis and I'm glad to say that I've been enjoying the whole "looking after myself" so far. At university I don't have a lunch break so I just eat a salad or sandwich between lectures so I need to eat some proper food in the evening. Not the healthiest thing to do but it's alright. It's Sunday evening now and I thought it's a great time to show you some of the meals I prepared for myself during the last week. 

Lemonrolls before baking
Baby spinach leaves with grapefruit and smoked salmon
Ebly with quorn, courgettes and tomatos

Spelt pasta with basil pesto and veggies 
Cinnamon muffin with oranges
Sometimes I struggle with choosing the sides. Always eating rice or pasta isn't the way to go for me. I try to include lentils, quinoa and ebly (durum wheat) more to get some variety and to prepare quick and healthy meals. However, the main thing for me will always be the veggies. What's your favourite meal to cook for yourself? Or wouldn't you bother to cook if you're alone? 

Have a lovely Sunday evening,



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