Saturday, 25 April 2015

Oslo shopping haul & exploring the city

Look at these cute little houses! A part of the coast around Oslo is lined with them, because it used to be forbidden to show oneself wearing nothing more than a bathing suit in public, so people bought these special houses to go swimming "in private".
The city's architecture is an interesting mixture between modern and old buildings which makes it look pretty cool. We explored the city on foot and by boat to see parts of the fjords. 
I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to communicate with the locals by speaking Swedish while they spoke Norwegian. My Swedish isn't good but it was enough to buy kanelbullar, my new addiction. Have you ever tried the heavenly Scandinavian version of cinnamon rolls? If you haven't, it's worth a trip there just to eat them! 
As you might know, Norway is a very expensive country to live in. The price level is about the same as in Switzerland, so no beauty or clothing bargain hunting there. We went there to enjoy life and Oslo turned out to be perfect to do this. Just sitting by the sea eating strangely flavoured cotton candy (yes, I did that) pondering about whatever crosses your mind. 
Nevertheless, I bought four teeny tiny things I'd like to show you. 
Thanks to Macha from Feathers and Brushes I was able to purchase the Clarins instant light natural lip perfector duo at the airport for a considerably good price. 

01 rose shimmer and 02 apricot shimmer
I'm sure lots of you are familiar with the products but I've never tried them, so here we go! 
It's basically a lipbalm and lipgloss in one and not tacky at all! It moisturizes my lips during the whole day and looks very pretty at the same time. The colours are very sheer and smoothen the appearance of the lips. I'm very happy with the product. 
Next thing I bought are these clips. I have to laugh every time I see them because they remind me of #daclip. If you know Essie Button, I'm sure you'll get this ;) 
I use them to keep my hair out of my face, pretty obvious, right? They're cute and handy, that's all I need. 

The other two things I bought are this cute grey jacket and a black top. The bottom part of the top is flowy, the rest quite fitted and I love the transparent V-neck. I wouldn't necessarily wear the two pieces together because of the different fabrics even though such a combination may look great if you've got the right pieces. 

I haven't seen a lot of Scandinavia just because I've been to Oslo but I'm pretty sure I'd love the rest of it too so I hope I'll be able to travel there for a little longer soon.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I'm so glad you found them and like them =D
    I've only tried the swedish version of cinnamon rolls but they were amazing ! I really want to go back there, and to Norway, and Finland.
    Nice haul and nice #daclips ;)


    1. I'm pretty sure they're the same in Norway & Sweden, delicious!
      Thanks ;)

  2. Ooooh nice little haul!


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