Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Estée Edit

Today is the day I handed in my last exam and the day after the day I handed in my bachelor thesis. You might be able to guess but I'm telling you anyway: I'm freaking happy! 
I'm here again looking forward to blogging more often, I'm trying to go back to my original two-posts-per-week schedule. 

During the exam season (to be precise: last thursday) I got the chance to attend the Estée Lauder Sunkissed Summer Event where they showed us their summer products which I'll be talking about soon and they introduced us to the Estée Edit

But what is the Estée edit? It's a digital feature on the Estée Lauder website with make up tipps, lifestyle stories, recipes and a lot more. One of the recipes shows you how to prepare Estée's favourite dessert: Marshmallows with a chocolate coat. 

Beside seeing all the beautiful products I met some lovely Swiss bloggers, ate a piece of that delicious and very fancy cake and enjoyed the stunning view from the terrace of the Eden au Lac in Zurich. 

And I had some of these mouth-watering little thingies too... But the event wasn't about the food, even though it was very tasty ;) The focus was on the Estée edit and of course the products. I haven't tried all of them yet so I can't tell you a lot about them but here's a sneak peek for all of you:

There's also a special treat for all my Swiss readers: Estée Lauder kindly offers a 15ml sample of the Daywear cream to all of you with your order over CHF 50. Delivery is free, just enter the code DAYWEAR at the end of your order till the end of July. 

I'm currently sitting here trying to decide on what I should do first now that I don't need to study. Whatever it will be, I'm sure my brain will enjoy some rest. If you're not done with your exams yet: I wish you the best of luck! 



  1. Ah that summer collection always has me dreaming ! Especially that blusher/bronzer/highlighter/gelée thing =D
    Lucky you for being done with your exams ! I hope it all went well !!!
    Btw, now that you have more time for your blog, may I suggest that you check out my last article in which you will find a TAG that I tagged you to do … ;) If you want to, obviously !

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. How could I say no to that? Of course I will, thanks for tagging me :)

  2. Cool, I hope they bring the event to Suisse romande as well :-)

  3. Nice post as always! Kisses!



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