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The Real Neat Blog Award - Losing my Makeup Collection?

I've been tagged by Macha from Feathers and Brushes to do the real neat blog award. Thanks for tagging me :)  The TAG contains seven questions put by the tagging blogger. If you're interested in Machas answers, click here.
She asked some tricky questions, I hope you like my answers.

1. Dramatic scenario : your whole makeup collection disappears. What are the 10 product that you’re going to repurchase ?
That does sound dramatic indeed! How on earth did that happen? However, I'd have to be able to do a whole look with these 10 products so I have to pick them carefully. And I'm not sure wheter my missing makeup collection means that my brushes are gone too, but let's say they are...
First I'd buy the Lancôme miracle cushion foundation (1) because it leaves a beautiful dewy finish, evens my skintone and includes an applicator. I guess I'd go for two concealers because I never wear the same under my eyes and to cover blemishes. For the latter I'd repurchase the Collection lasting perfection concealer in light (2). As an under eye concealer I'd go for the L'Oréal true match concealer (3), this really helps cancelling my dark circles. My powder choice would be the Rimmel Stay Matte transparent powder (4). Ok, now I have to think... I guess I'd need a powder brush of some sort, at the beginning I'd have to get along with just one. Let's say the Real Techniques multi task brush (5). I'd sure repurchase the Urban Decay Naked 3 which comes with a brush (6) and the Sleek Face Form palette in fair (7), because this one contains blush, highlighter and a matte bronzer. I'm nearly done with my shopping list but I still ned a mascara, lipstick and a brow gel, my brows have a life of their own... I'd repurchase the Clinique High Impact Mascara (who would have thought that...) (8), Estée Lauders Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick in discreet (9) and the transparent L'Oréal brow artist plumper  (10). Tadaah, I'm done and I think my face looks pretty normal wearing only these products: 

2. What’s one makeup trick you’d like to master but don’t really yet ?
I'd love to be able to do different eyeliner looks but somehow mine always looks about the same. Maybe I'm just not courageous enough to wear a very dramatic look. 

3. According to you, what would be THE social media platform to promote a blog ?
I'd say this depends mainly on the target group. In Switzerland Facebook is still a lot bigger than other social media plattforms, so Facebook would be my choice. It's easy to reach a large amount of people, nearly everyone has a profile nowadays and providing and sharing content is easy too. 

4. Whose makeup collection makes you jealous ?
I haven't seen it live but I guess the makeup collection of blogges such as Amelia Liana must be enormous. And I usually like her taste... 

5. What’s one of your essential beauty ritual that doesn’t involve a beauty product ?
I'm not sure whether this counts as a beauty ritual... I hardly ever drink softdrinks but drink a lot of water everyday instead. In my opinion, reducing sugar intake and staying hydrated helps with looking healthy and fit. 

6. What’s the skincare product that you’d recommend the most ?
There's one foolproof product I haven't changed for years and that's the La Roche-Posay Effaclar duo. Whenever I get a spot or redness on my skin I apply it. I never used it as an overall product, I just applied it locally and it works wonders! 

7. Where do you see you and your blog 5 years from now ?
I honestly have no idea. I hope I'll have a reasonable amount of regular readers and still like blogging as much as I do now. As for me as a person I guess I'd like to have a job I love and enough time for whatever makes me happy. 

This is it, thanks again Macha for the great questions! 
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And You! 

And my questions are...
1. Which one of your makeup products makes you happy and why?
2. Imagine you haven't done your makeup yet and you're in a real hurry and have to leave the house immediately to get to a job interview on time. Which products do you take with you to do your makeup while you're on the train?
3. What's the one makeup product you'd like to own but never purchased?
4. Would you rather wear natural makeup looks for the rest of your life or statement/dramatic looks?
5. Lipstick or lipgloss?
6. Which part of your face do you like most?
7. What's your favourite part of doing your makeup?

I personally like TAGs so I hope you do too and I'm looking forward to reading your answers :)



  1. Yay =D Thanks for doing it ! I really enjoyed reading your answers.
    I must say that you nailed the first one ! And the result does look great on =D

  2. Danke Fell mol fürs tagge =) Be grad no ih de Freie machen de aber nachher wenis ned vergess. Uf jede Fall sehr spannend gis zum läse! Dis Mail hani de ned vergässe gäll… das chunt den au no.

    Liebs Grüessli us Mailand

    1. Gern :) Ja klar, häsch ja gseit das na underwegs bisch. Gnüsses!

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I'll do my very best to try and find the time to fill in the tag.

  4. This is a really cool tag :) I would die if I woke up and found all my make up gone, like literally cry in a corner and not leave the house. But it would be good to give my skin a breather aha.

    Meme xx

    New Blog Post:
    'Beautiful = Natural'

    1. Haha so true! I have no idea what I would do, especially because some of the products I mentioned aren't even available in Switzerland. I would have to order them online, imagine waiting for your makeup that long...

  5. jeeaahh danke fürs tagge. min erschde tagg :)) maches grad die wuche :)

  6. I loved answering these questions, thanks for nominating me! 😆 you can read it here if you like :
    I seriously have to try that La Roche-Posay lotion now! You have me sold haha! :) x

    1. Oh that was quick! I'm looking forward to reading it :)
      haha I hope you like it!

  7. Amelia has a huge makeup collection I guess. Also love her choices!
    Nati xx


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