Thursday, 30 July 2015

Alessandro International: White Night and CC Polishes

Look at these two beauties! In June, Alessandro International launched the White Night collection and CC polishes. With White Night Alessandro wanted to create a white for every occasion. The collection has four shades: Ibiza Night, an opaque white, Barcelona Dream, a white with shimmer, New York Glam which is more like a silver glitter shade and finally Parisien Chic*, the transparent and slightly green shimmer shade in the picture below. There's a white for everyone.

What I noticed when I first used the nail polish is that it is more liquid than other nail polishes I own. Due to that I had to be a little more careful while applying but it seems like with this texture the application is more even. The brush is not as wide as Essie brushes so it takes about three strokes to paint one nail. It dries in a normal amount of time and in my opinion the runny texture comes in handy because somehow it's easier to apply thin layers. By applying only thin layers the coats dry faster and the chance of bubbles in the finish of the nail polish is lower. I used three coats in the picture. The finish is not opaque but that's not what they wanted it to be. If you want an opaque finish I'd recommend using a white nail polish as a base coat. I really like the colour, it's chic and unique, I love the shimmer and it's suitable for day and night. 

Well, some of you might think why on earth you'd need this CC polish in addition to all the BB and CC creams on the market. My answer is simple: It's pretty :) Ok, that's just my opinion but they put a lot of thought in creating these polishes. First of all, they designed the colours thinking of different skin tones, so it makes choosing your perfect nude a lot easier. Maybe I'm the only one but I struggle finding a classic nude shade that goes with my skin tone. Anyway, this one applies evenly and makes my hands look pretty. And that's why: The CC polishes have a concealing effect which sounds quite new to me. It hides ridges, stains or uneven surfaces and girls, I'm talking about nails here (I have to admit that I sometimes fix shoes with nail polish, but that's a whole other story). The polishes contain lovely ingredients such as Omega 3,6 and 9 or keratin to strengthen you nails and make them grow healthier. The nudes are designed to compliment your skin and they really do. The shade in the picture is Latte Macchiato, one of the lighter shades. The lightest is White Chocolate, followed by Latte Macchiato, Mousse au Chocolat and Mocca. After writing these names I feel like having a dessert. 
I like this shade because it's very versatile, easy to wear and sophisticated in a way. For both nail polishes I'd recommend using a top coat because they tend to chip after two days.
The White Night polishes are available for CHF 15.90, the CC polishes for CHF 17.90. That's not exactly cheap but especially the CC polish is exceptional. The CC polishes are also available as Striplacs and Colour Gels. 

What do you think of the whole CC polish idea? Would you spend your money on one of them?




  1. That greeny white is such a mermaid nail polish =D
    I've never been able to find a good nude for my skin tone, maybe these ones would make it possible. They sound kinda gimmicky but if in the end I get a nice nude then it's all worth it.
    That shade looks great on you <3

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    1. That's it! You just delivered the perfect description of this colour: mermaid haha :)
      Thanks, I really like it :)


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