Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Caudalie - Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil

Two weeks ago this little guy arrived in my mailbox. Even though I just updated my cleansing routine I was very intrigued by this product because of its 100% natural ingredients and the promise of a lovely scent. And let me tell you: I was not disappointed! 
As Caudalie says "Cleansing is the first step in your beauty routine, the first essential habit to maintain clean, clear, young skin for as long as possible." I can only agree with that, so let's talk about this new cleansing oil.

The product claims to be effective, pampering and very gentle. It contains grape seed oil and sweet almond oil as natural antioxidants and to nourish the skin. Sunflower seed oil and castor oil dissolve even waterproof make-up. It's non comedogenic and doesn't contain any parabens, silicones or mineral oils. 
As suggested, I dispensed three pumps of the oil into the palm of my hand and applied it with my fingertips on dry skin. Then I added water to emulsify it. If you close your eyes it's no problem to remove your eye make-up with the cleansing oil too, it doesn't leave an oily film or anything, so suitable for wearers of contact lenses. After massaging it a little I rinsed thoroughly with water. Having used this make-up remover several times I'd say two pumps would probably be enough but maybe I just have a particularly small face... However, my experience with this product has been positive in any possible way. It smells so heavenly, I have to pull myself together to prevent myself from eating it. Applying and massaging the oil onto my face feels great and relaxing and my skin seems to love it. The fact that my face feels clean after using it and I've never had panda eyes the next morning is proof that it removes make-up as effectively as promised. I'm a fan of natural products as long as they do their job, and this one sure does. Something I think is important but gets neglected often is creating packaging that's not only pretty but also easy to use and hygienic, and this packaging with the pump delivers exactly what I want. 

My conclusion: If you're looking for a gentle make-up remover that does something for your skin in addition to just removing your make-up and if you want to enjoy this "sweet and milky" scent, you should totally run to the next Caudalie distributor after the product launch in September. We have a total winner here, I just have to make sure I won't run out of the product till it's officially launched. In my opinion, at CHF 19.70 this is certainly worth every penny (even though we don't have Pence in Switzerland, it would be Rappen but that'd sound strange, right?). 

So do you think you would like the sweet almond scent as much as I do? Are you a fan of oil cleansing?



  1. Spannende Post! Bes Spray au grad am usprobiere ond sowiit fendis no cool! Liebi Grüess Valena

  2. I love the smell of almonds, marzipan is one of my favourite things to eat, will have to try this cleanser.

    Meme xx

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    'A Month in the Life of....'

  3. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this one! I like it as much as the L'Occitane shea cleansing oil and that's saying something :-) Plus the smelllll...!

    1. Me too! I still haven't tried the shea cleansing oil... but right now I like this way too much to try something else ;)

  4. Beautiful photos and I love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!

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  5. I looove cleansing oils and I definitely want to give more products from the Caudalie range a go. Once I finished the one I'm using I'll try this one =) Thanks for the review !

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