Thursday, 20 August 2015

Face Masks: Caudalie Instant Detox Mask & GlamGlow Thirstymud

Hi there, by the time you're reading this I'm already in Seattle. Yaay! 
Today I'd like to introduce you to my two go-to face masks. One for clear skin, one for hydration. I usually use them on the same day. The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask clears the pores and gets rid of impurities while bringing a little more life into your complexion. The GlamGlow Thirstymud however moisturizes and calms the skin.

After cleansing my face I apply a thin layer of the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes before I rinse properly with water. The mask has a herbal scent which I find very relaxing. It is waterbased and contains grape marc to detoxify, some nourishing oils and pink clay and coffee to purify. Due to the pink clay the mask has a funny pinkish colour which looks strange on the skin but we’re not looking our best while wearing face masks anyway, or are we?

The main purpose of this mask is to get the toxins out of your pores. Purifying masks are kind of tricky for me because of my slightly dry skin but this one isn’t too drying. Of course your skin doesn’t feel velvety soft and perfectly nourished after using it but it doesn’t feel stripped either and I love the clean feeling it leaves me with and it does help with clearing pores. I use the Caudalie Instant Detox mask whenever my complexion looks kind of unhealthy and lifeless. As always, Caudalie didn’t test the product on animals and the ingredients are carefully selected.

The GlamGlow Thirstymud is a lifesaver if your skin is too dry or just needs a little pick me up. And you get a little pick me up too as soon as you open the packaging: hello sexy!

I don’t use this one the way I use a „normal“ face mask, I apply a thin layer and just leave it on so I basically use it like a rich moisturizer. Among other it contains hyaluronic acid, hydraclay, honey and ginger root which together provide not only hydration but also radiance for your skin. And the scent... we’re in the dessert-category again girls. You know this caramel cream dessert thing? This mask literally smells like a pot of caramel cream. If it wasn’t that expensive I might lick it off my own face even though this would be really difficult. But I’d try! Well, let’s talk about results. The Thirstymud manages to bring moisture back into my skin and make it stay there for a while. And it somehow makes my face look fuller, kind of healthier and happier. More plump, that’s it!

I took both masks to Seattle with me (ok, not only Seattle, also Vancouver, Victoria and some other pretty places) because when I’m travelling my skin feels dirty more often so I like to have a good purifying mask with me. Also, while I’m on the plane I apply the Thirstymud as a „moistureshield“.
Even though the GlamGlow masks are expensive (about CHF 64), I enjoyed both versions I tried  very much (see the review on the GlamGlow Youthmud here) and I think they’re worth the money. The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is a less expensive ( about CHF 29) and does a good job - definitely worth a try.

Have you tried one of the masks? Do you change your skincare routine while you’re on holiday?



  1. I haven't used them but they sound really good. I tend to change my skincare routine and try to use light products in summer as it gets really hot in here and I don't want to have really oily face xx

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