Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Review - Alessando International Veggie Nail Cream & Take Off Nail Polish Remover Gel

Do you like to bring your nail polish remover on holiday? I don’t! So when I went on my vacation this little guy came in very handy: The Alessandro Take Off nail polish remover gel. 
It’s a gel you apply on top of your nail polish, wait for a minute and just wipe the polish off. 

Even though the gel looks scary and smells like strawberries (I find this confusing) this stuff really works! And it’s as simple as it sounds. I even managed to remove glitter nail polish easily and this does mean something, right?

I don't know why the gel is red and I really don't like the colour but the gel itself does a good job, so thumbs up for this product! I wouldn't use it at home where I have "normal" nail polish remover but for on the go I highly recommend this.

After applying nail polish over and over again my nails tend to get dry and they split. A few weeks ago Alessandro launched a limited edition of fruity nail creams called "Veggie" with three different scents: cucumber & melon, tomato & strawberry and carrot & oranges. They gave the cucumber & melon nail cream to me to try. First of all, this stuff smells great! It's a fresh but very light fruity scent which is a real pleasure to apply. 

The jojoba, shea butter, vitamins and minerals in the nail creams pamper your nails and keep them healthy and pretty. The tomato version is rich in Vitamin C and collagen, a great vitalizer. The carrot & orange nail cream contains Vitamin A and Beta-Carotin to bring moisture back into you nails. With cucumber extract the cucumber & melon nail cream moisturizes, soothes and cools the nails and skin. I use it whenever I feel like my nails need some extra pampering , usually when I'm not wearing any nail polish. I apply it around two to three times a day. It sinks into the nails and skin pretty quickly but I still wouldn't recommend applying it right before using a touch screen, I'm sure you'll guess why. Nevertheless, my nails look and feel better after I've applied the nail cream and I enjoy using it.

At CHF 6.30 for the Veggie nail creams and CHF 7.90 for the Take Off nail polish remover gel both products are available at a reasonable price. 

Have you tried the Veggie limited edition yet?


P.S. I'll be back in Switzerland soon, so my posting schedule will be less erratic ;) 


  1. I've never seen a gel nail polish remover, it looks interesting however I think I'd finish the whole tube in a month probably :)


    1. I guess if you use it exclusively it'll be empty pretty soon, yes ;)

  2. Bought this cream 2 days ago and can already see and feel results. Love it !


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