Sunday, 13 September 2015

Spring & Summer Empties

In about three weeks I'll move... again! So it's time to go through my wardrobe and my makeup again and to finally write about the products I've used up and stored in a box for what feels like ages. I'll start with body products:

As you can see, there's quite a bit of body shop going on. That's mainly because my boyfriend discovered the store and thought it would be fun if his girlfriend smelled like a bowl of fruit. I think the brand is great because of all the work they do for other people and the planet. I personally like the shower gels after my work out, something about the sweet scent just makes me feel fit and clean. 

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel:
If you want to smell like a mango, this product is what you need. It's quite strongly scented but as I said, I like it after exercising but it would be too much to use during my morning shower. The good part is, the scent doesn't linger the whole day. 
Would I repurchase it? Yes! 

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel:
The scent of this one is a little less natural but still great. After using it you can smell it a little longer than the mango one so a friend of mine once said that I smell like a fruitcake. I don't mind, I like cake... 
If you're a huge fan of foaming, the Body Shop shower gels might not be the right choice for you. They do foam but not too much. And yes, I would repurchase this. 

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cream
This little guy made me happy! The scent is not too strong but it still smells fresh and fruity. The cream itself sinks into the skin quickly and leaves my hands feel soft and not oily or sticky. Would I repurchase it? Maybe, I do love the Occitane hand creams too and I guess I'd try a different scent just because I'm nosy. 

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter
I really like olive scented products because the scent is soft but feminine. Nevertheless, the Body Shop body butters never really worked for me. I wanted to like them but the consistency is not as smooth as I like it and it doesn't sink into my skin very well. I need to massage it but my skin doesn't really feel hydrated after using it, so I wouldn't repurchase the body butter. 

Rituals Shanti Shower Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil Soothing Shower Oil
This is a really really really long name for a really really really lovely product. It feels luxurious on the skin, smells like the oriental SPA heaven and leaves my skin soft and nourished. I like the pump bottle, the design of the packaging and the content so you might be able to guess that this product will move into my shower again very soon...

There's a lot of skincare-love in this picture:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
If you have a spot somewhere or your face just doesn't look as blemish-free as you wish, this product is a great option. I apply it directly onto spots twice a day and it helps reducing the redness and makes the spot go away a lot faster than it normally would. It's meant to be used as an overall treatment so you could apply it before your moisturizer but I like to use it as a local spot treatment because the overall appearance of my skin isn't too bad. I've used this product for ages and it still does its job so I already repurchased it. 
Read the full review here.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
This isn't really a mask, it's more of a thick cream which I use as a night moisturizer. The packaging contains 100ml, which is a lot for a face cream so it lasted a very long time. It mainly moisturizes your skin but also makes the complexion look more plump. I've tried quite a few night creams over the past years and this one is still my favourite. I have three different night creams sitting in my shelf waiting for me to try them so the Moisture Surge has to wait a little while, but I'll sure buy it again. 
Read the full review here.

Louis Widmer Emulsion Hydro-Active
If you're looking for a gentle and light moisturizer for sensitive skin, this might be for you. I've used it in summer for four years and always repurchased it. It feels incredible on the skin, fights first signs of aging and it's available in a perfume free version. Right now I'm enjoying the Estée Lauder DayWear and I'm not sure yet, whether I'll repurchase the Emulsion Hydro-Active again in summer but I highly recommend this product especially if you have sensitive skin.
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Clinique take the day off Cleansing Balm
This stuff removes every single bit of makeup on your face, no matter how waterproof it is. The texture is like a wax but it melts on the skin and distributes easily. I love this product because it makes the skin feel very clean but after using it for quite a while it did leave my eyes a little dry so I'm testing and loving the Caudalie Almond and Grape Cleansing Oil now. I still use the Clinique one at my boyfriends place though and I would definitely repurchase it.
Full Review

Clinique All About Eyes
I haven't found the perfect eye cream yet, they've all been ok but not incredible. This one has been the best so far because it hydrates the skin around my eyes and has a bit of a de-puffing effect. It should fight dark circles but it never managed to do so under my eyes so I'm still trying to find the perfect eye cream. Any suggestions?

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
This product is amazing! And insanely expensive... It does everything it needs to do for your skin: hydration, anti-aging effect, it smoothes the skin and makes it look more healthy and feel so soft. I would really like to repurchase it so I guess I have to wait till it's on offer or something...
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We're nearly done. There's still hair and makeup left. If you're wondering why there isn't any shampoo: I'm using a 1 liter bottle of my Sebastian hydre shampoo and conditioner and it takes a while to finish one of these... 

Batiste Dry Shampoo
No matter which scent I use, the batiste dry shampoo always does a great job. I especially like the tropical version because it smells like coconut, yum! I don't wash my hair on a daily basis so I just apply some dry shampoo to my roots, wait for a minute or so and massage it in before I brush through my hair. And my hair looks fresh again. As a plus, dry shampoo adds volume. If you have fine hair, don't get fooled by the volume version of the batiste dry shampoos because it contains something similar to hairspray which makes my hair feel sticky and heavy. Anyway, I'm very loyal to the batiste dry shampoos and I always have at least one of them at home. 

Lancôme Miracle Cushion Foundation
I've raved about this one quite a bit in spring and I really enjoyed using it. I applied it with a stippling brush instead of the sponge in the packaging and it leaves a lovely dewy and light finish. It evens the skintone but the coverage is very light so if my skin didn't look good, this foundation wasn't an option. I'm not sure whether I'll repurchase it. The product itself is great but it was empty pretty quickly so using it regularly ended up being quite expensive. 

Clinique High Impact Mascara
You know I love this one. If you think I wouldn't live without it and a full size must be somewhere in my drawers you're absolutely right. It separates my lashes perfectly, adds just the right amount of volume, doesn't smudge and is easy to take off. There's nothing more I could ask for in a mascara. I don't need to repurchase it because I already have. And I can't believe I haven't done a full review on this one yet! 

Have you tried any of these products? Please share your thoughts in the comments :)



  1. So many empties, so it is shopping time now :) I love BS products, they are really good! Also Clinique cleansing balm is gorgeous, need to repurchase it xx

    1. True! I definitely need to stock up on shower gels ;)


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