Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Introducing Lalique - Part II: Candles

As I promised, I'll tell you more about Lalique because they also create gorgeous candles. They're gorgeous in many different ways: There's the luxurious design, the sophisticated scents and a story behind each of the candles known as the "Voyage de Parfumeur". 
It's a series of home fragrances, every single candle and diffuser inspired by a special place on earth. All candles are made of Cire Trudon's wax, a wax that has been used since 1643 for french kings and which is now used for scented candles because it allows to diffuse a strong and long-lasting scent. 
The beauty above is Océans édition or, the result of the perfumers scented treasure hunt, a journey in order to find only the best qualities of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. The essences of these ingredients are melted into Cire Trudon's wax and set in a crystal vase. The ingredients were very precious once, so the crystal vase is painted in gold to represent the treasure inside. 
As you might be able to tell, this isn't the candle you'd purchase just because you feel like it. It's worth over CHF 1400, which is a tiny bit over my budget when I'm looking for a new scented candle... but it comes in a pretty box! 

The Voyage de Parfumeur lead the perfumer around the world to collect the exotic spices and other ingredients to create his scents. There's a candle based on each one of these ingredients: Vetiver (that's grass from Indonesia), Yuzu (a citrus fruit from Japan), Ginger (China), Sandalwood (Goa), Rose (Turkey), Leather (Russia), Peony (Greece), Fig (Italy), Neroli (Marocco - Casablanca to be precise), Saffron (Iran), Cottonwood (USA), Vanilla (Mexico) and the Limited Edition in white - La Neige (Antarctica). 

La Neige is a combination of white musk, raspberry, rose and patchouli. The scent is warm, sweet and floral. The Limited Edition comes in white instead of a black glass and it has a wooden lid which may be used as a socle for the candle. 

The press material included a set of wonderful pictures of the Voyage de Parfumeur, which you can see on the website here.
I personally really like the candles because they smell very natural and sophisticated. You don't only purchase a candle for around CHF 65 but also a design object for your home. And with Christmas coming soon, you might want to get one of these as a gift for someone special?

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