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Review: Alessandro Striplac Try Me Kit

I announced this review a long time ago and I'm finally ready to share not only mine but also Selina's opinion on the Alessandro Striplac Try Me Kit. I received the Try Me Kit in late August and like to use it whenever I need my nails to look good over a few days or if they need some extra protection. I'll talk about the latter later on.

I'm not going describe how to use the Try Me Kit*, that's what I did in the First Impression blogpost. You may click here if you want to read it now. 

I was surprised by how easy the application is and with a little practice you can create these gel like nails in less than 30 minutes. This still sounds like quite a while but let's be honest, if you apply "normal" nail polish it takes at least that time to dry thoroughly. 
I love the finish of Striplac, it's glossy, gel like and the surface is absolutely scratch-proof. That's why I applied Striplac the day before I moved to my new flat, which I love by the way. Even after a day of carrying heavy stuff and cleaning things my nails still looked pretty and they were protected so they didn't split. 
Without applying a regular base coat the Striplac lasts around 8 days on my nails. You have to keep in mind that this nail polish won't chip, if it's loose, the whole polish on the nail falls off. This looks a lot cleaner than chipped nail polish but still, you'll have to walk around with one nail without any nail polish. I wouldn't peel the others off if the lac isn't loose yet because you might damage your nails. 

Autumn LE: Mina's Marsala
Alessandro recommends to take a short break from varnishing after using Striplac because the nail tends to get dry if it's used over a longer period. I did notice that my nails are dryer after using Striplac than after using regular nail polish but not in an alarming way. 
I got the tip to use a normal base coat before applying the Striplac Twin Coat because the Striplac is easier to remove that way and the nails will be less dry. After I tried this once I did it whenever I used Striplac. It still lasts about 5 to 6 days but peeling the polish off gets a lot easier. Additionally, I purchased the Peel-Off Activator. This product accelerates the removal process and in combination with the regular base coat, the Striplac experience is a real pleasure. 

After using Hurly Burly and Mina's Marsala, I felt like purchasing an easy to wear, classy nude color. I went for 08 Nude Elegance, a light nude pink. When I'm wearing one color on my nails for about a week I need something which is suitable for many different occasions, that's why I chose a nude shade. In general, I'm very happy with Striplac. It did take me some time to find my way to wear and remove it but now that I know what works best for me, I'm glad I've got the kit. 

Luckily, Selina was willing to share her opinion on the Try Me Kit too. Let's hear what she thinks:

"Overall, I was thrilled by the kit. The color (hurly burly) is brilliant and the finish is great! I was particularly happy with the scratch-proof surface. The step-by-step manual is absolutely fool proof, there's no way you'd do something wrong. 
There's one negative aspect for me: the polish peels off after just one or two days, whether I use a regular base coat or only the twin coat. It did last longer when I filed my nails but I was afraid they'd become too thin. 
Altogether I think Striplac is a good addition to a classic manicure but I believe there's still potential to improve the product."

Thanks very much Selina for sharing your honest opinion!

Have you tried Striplac? How long does it last on your nails?


* Press sample

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