Sunday, 25 October 2015

Smashbox Holiday Collection 2015: Master Class Palette

Love is in the air... tüdüdeldüü... is there an english version of the onomatopoeic (love this word!) expression of singing without knowing the lyrics? 
At the beginning of October Marionnaud sent me a colorful, versatile and fun new toy. It's the reason why I currently feel like singing: Smashbox's Holiday Collection Palette Master Class*, hooray! 
I don't want to talk too much about it, because I'm pretty sure you'll get more out of the pictures:

As I mentioned in Wednesdays blogpost, the design is by Yago Hortal and the palette resembles a CD jewel case. The whole box is not only stylish but also provides protection for the eyeshadows and blushes inside. 

There's quite a lot of colour going on! I'd really like to show you each one of them in action on my face but this would have been a little too time consuming, so you have to be satisfied with the swatches: 

Alabaster is pretty much my skin tone which makes it rather difficult to see, but it's a perfect light base colour for an everyday make up. I haven't really found a way to include framboise or candy into my make up routine. Honestly, they're way out of my comfort zone when it comes to eye shadow. Anyway I really enjoyed using the rest of the colors in the picture above. The pigmentation of all of them is amazing!

Again, eight lovely colours. I use custard quite often, goldenrod and gold would be great for a (Christmas-) party make up. Sea is the only eye shadow in the palette which is a little messy to apply because it is really glittery so I ended up having it pretty much everywhere. 

Even though the palette contains a lot of bright colours, there are still some lovely nudes and everyday colours. I enjoy having a wide variety of eye shadows to choose from and since I own the Master Class palette, I've tried different looks on a daily basis which isn't only fun but also made me discover colours I wouldn't have purchased and worn otherwise.

Have a look at the blushes and highlighters in the palette:

Glow is an absolute perfect highlight for the inner corner of my eyes, it makes them look much more awake. 

At the event where they presented the palette, they brought their makeup artists to show us looks on our faces using this palette. They chose a combination of oranges and browns for me, which really brought out the blue in my eyes. In fact, they used Persimmon as the main eye shadow, which sounds a bit scary but looked great!

The palette holds four cards with eight step by step instructions to recreate a look. After the look make up artist Marion created on me, I wanted to play around with oranges and browns too so I decided to show you the look "Reds & Browns" from one of the instruction cards. 

The look is too much for an everyday make up if you ask me but I would totally wear it for a special event. What do you think?

In my opinion, this palette is extremely good value for money. The quality of the eye shadows and blushes is amazing, they're beautifully pigmented and last perfectly. In one palette you get 32 eye shadows, 6 blushes and two highlighters, so there's a colour for everyone. Mirror or brushes aren't included but I hardly ever use the included ones anyway.

You may purchase the palette for CHF 87 at Marionnaud in Switzerland. I couldn't find it in their online store yet, I hope it'll be available soon. 
I know I haven't described every single shade, so if you have a question about one particular colour in the palette or any further questions about the palette, please feel free to ask. 

Have a lovely Sunday!


* Press sample

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