Sunday, 15 November 2015

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum

I stumbled upon the Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum in late May this year when I ran out of my Clinique Smart Custom serum and was looking for a less pricy option. It is an anti-oxidant infused anti-wrinkle serum and it was the first part of the description which made me purchase it. 

Grape-seed polyphenol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are the key ingredients of this serum to treat your skin. As usual, this Caudalie product doesn't contain any parabens, mineral oils, animal ingredients or other controvertible stuff. 

The serum is made to stop fine lines from turning into wrinkles and to block free radicals. I literally hear one of my friend saying "you know that both these things aren't anatomically possible..." But as I studied media science and economics and nothing medical I just tell you about my experience with this product.

It feels very lightweight and sinks into the skin immediately. The scent is fresh and slightly herbal which I find relaxing in the morning. The serum leaves the skin soft and hydrated and makes it appear smoother. Luckily, I don't have wrinkles yet so I can't test the anti-aging effect but maybe I don't have winkles because of the anti-aging products I tend to use from time to time? We'll never know... 
And well, it's pretty hard to tell whether this serum managed to defend the electrons in my cells from being stolen by free-radicals. Another thing I can't testify. Anyway, the serum helps to protect the skin from UV rays and pollution and my pale skin needs every bit of extra protection to prevent getting sunburnt. 

I liked using the serum and I used the 30 ml up quickly. My skin looked and felt healthy but there weren't any miraculous changes due to applying the Polyphenol C15 Anti-Wrinkle Defense Serum. It's a nice everyday product, it smells refreshing and at CHF 42.60 the price is more than ok for a serum.  

Have you tried anything from the Polyphenol C15 line? 

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  1. Never heard of this brand before, but this product sounds fab! Thank you for the in-depth review. <3

    Following on bloglovin' <3


  2. Yep, used, and I liked it a LOT!


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